Who am I?

I'm someone who loves to dance, even if dancing means tripping over my own feet.

I'm quiet, reserved, and my world is small compared to everyone else's, but sometimes I like it that way because that means the people I know are the ones I really love.

I'm someone who doesn't mind staying up until dawn studying, working, cleaning and doing the things most others hate.

I love to smile. Make me smile.

I'm someone who cares about everyone, even if they don't give a damn about me.

I study psychology at Columbia, and I'm a damn good psychologist.

I'm someone who views life as a poem. Simple, sweet and delicate. Only when it is over-thought does it lose it's beauty.

My favourite movies are usually from 1920-1940. There are a few exceptions.

I'm someone who doesn't mind flying away from home, even though I get homesick.

I'm from Wales, but sometimes I pretend I'm from France.

I'm someone who loves dreaming the days away, but I never lose sight of practicality.

I speak French, Spanish, German, English and some Russian. If anyone ever wants to speak any of those languages with me, especially Russian, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm someone who is insecure and hard to deal with at times.

But I'm also incredibly loving and loyal.

I'm someone who looks for the best in people.

That being said, I give people many chances...until they really hurt me.

I'm someone who is intelligent and insightful but still loves to goof around.

I'm attending Columbia on an international scholarship.

I'm someone who just wants love, more than anything else.

And that will never change.

This is who I am, in a nutshell.