In the Kingdom of Aeostyr (Fae Castle), the fae of the world have found shelter within the hidden realm from the march of technology and man. For eons it has been ruled by the Aeostarlos (Fae Lords), beings of great power who draw from the World Stone. A mystical and powerful artifact, the World Stone serves as the Royal Bloodline's claim to power, and they have measured and maintained the peace in Aeostyr for thousands of years.

However, as foretold in the Grand Script, a great blight came to destroy Aeostyr, the negativity of the magical energies that rule there. Great armies of corrupted were raised and the kingdom's grand fortress' sieged. However, the strength of the Aeostarlos prevailed, and though many lives were lost, victory seemed assured. However, the true enemy rested within, and waited. At the height of the last siege, the King was slain, and uncertain times buckled the unity of the Ruling Council as the only child of the king took power. Princess Aeowyn would enjoy the throne for only a short while before the betrayer launched his plan. Severing the Princess' connection to the World Stone, he cast her into the Ethyr (Emptiness) to suffer and die over the millenia while he orchestrated his plot of control. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost as the corruption was once more allowed to spread, and it seemed all was lost for Aeostyr.

However, utilizing her skills and abilities, Aeowyn was able to break from Ethyr and appear in Aeonyr (Fae Lands) now ruled by the mortal realm of man and beast. Having discovered the ability to sap life from other creatures to fuel her own magical abilities, she set about the kingdoms of man, biding her time and gaining power and wealth. The time to strike grows closer, but the Princess still needs several items to insure her quest is a success. Whether for her noble cause, or for riches and rewards alone, Aeowyn will accept any who wish to join her quest, so long as they withstand her tests. Will you accept?

Aeowyn's First sad Open)
Aeowyn's Second: Essra/ Pengu des Muertes
Aeowyn's Third:


((This will be a long term, epic quest line involving multiple locations, events, and most importantly, lots of time. Please PM me if you have any questions.))