Callistan: A species of intelligent beings that possess incredible abilities of magic hailing from the land of Velyrn. Their appearance is similar to Elves; however, they possess attributes that allow them to act as skilled warriors and hunters. These attributes include an enhanced perception of their surroundings, the ability to withstand a large amount of pain, and the capability to heal rapidly from minor wounds as well as survive serious wounds with the proper attention

Personality: Callistan's have long sense evolved into a stoic warrior race, which each person doing their part for the greater good of the empire. They come across as cold people, unyielding from the ways of honor. However, their adherence to honor is for the sake of their ancestors. The elder is always to be honored, as well as any kindness and self sacrifice. To show another person the honor they deserve is akin to insulting their clan and their ancestors. As such, most Callistan's pick a face name that will neither offend their honor, nor conflict with their standing amongst other cultures. All callistan's should be regarded with care, as their self sacrificing loyalty to the protection of Velyern will lead them to do anything to carry out the mission.

Velyern is split into seven main holds whose lords serve on a council. Each hold maintains a sufficient army for self-defense and contributes to the Main Army of Callist. The military is split into the Four main Orders. The Order of White is charged with the protection of the people from darkness and demons as well as the dispensing of justice. The Order of Black is charged with espionage and the assassination of potential threats as well as the maintaining the balance of power. The Order of Blue is charged with the study and exploitation of magic in both a theatre of peace as well as war in addition to aiding in the construction of villages and buildings. The Order of Red is charged with maintaining the peace and protection of all Velyern from a multitude of threats ranging from internal disturbances to animal attacks to patrol and protection of the highways from bandits.

The head of the Council of Lords is the emperor or empress of Velyern, who precides over the council and makes final decisions regarding the lands. While the Lords are allowed a level of autonomy within their own lands, they are sworn to obey the Empress or Emperor in any decision made. However, there exists small collectives autonomous to both the rule of the Lords and the Empress or Emperor.

One such collective are the Guardians of the Sacred Tree, believed to be the final resting place of Callist, the Mortal Goddess. These individuals are chosen at birth to serve as guards. They number only five, but it is said that their prowess in battle allows them to survive even the harshest of odds. They are never seen outside the Chapel of Callist and only they are allowed entry. It is believed that Callist herself chooses the Guardians and in turn they dedicate their life to her.

Another collective are the Arbiters of the Sacred Oaths. Upon entry to any order, a Callistan takes an oath of servitude both to the Order’s primary goddess and fealty to the empress or emperor. They are sworn to uphold the protection and secrecy of their land from any threat; should a Callistan violate this oath, then an Arbiter will seek them out, give them trial for their crime, and carry out the sentence. In almost every case, the sentence is death, summarily carried out by the Arbiter. Each order has a single Arbiter, who, like the Guardians of the Sacred Tree, are chosen at birth. They are trained from an early age in the use of ancient magic, as well as impeccable skill with a blade and bow. Those who survive the training are pit against each other until only one remains. The new trainee will then relinquish the role of Arbiter from the older member, should that member still be alive. Due to the rarity of Arbiters, the duty of oath binding is often relegated to the Chaplains and Arch Chaplains of an Order, with Arbiters only being summoned for special cases.

The final collective are the Protectors of Aura’s Tomb. Actually a splinter group of the Order of White, the individuals of this group is sworn to protect the Tomb of Aura, first daughter of Callist and patron goddess of the Order of White. Her remains are interred in the Shining Temple near the citadel of Castle Aestyr. Their number is estimated between 34 and 122, each a specially trained and skilled warrior. Many are former priests or warriors of the Order of White, and every one of them has trained their entire lives to serve the Eternal Daughter. A common practice of these warriors is to pit themselves against one another in long sparring match, honing their skills daily against each other to better prepare themselves. Their sole purpose is to defend the temple. No one but the highest order of priests is allowed entry.

Velyern’s religion is divided into four Orders that each worship a patron goddess as well as an overall worship for Callist, the Mortal Goddess. Aura is the Order of White’s goddess, believed to be the Goddess of Protection and Safe keeping. Kerska is the Order of Black’s Goddess, a goddess of temptation and darkness. Synrul is the god of the Order of Blue, with belief following that he is the God of Progression and Healing while Etsun is the God of the Order of Red who is believed to be the God of Power and Passion. There are several minor deities worshiped for things like rain and the sun, though for these things, many pray to Callist, who is said to be the Queen Goddess. In each order, one serves both as a priest and a warrior, though in many instances, one will focus on one path or the other. Many titles exist within each order depending on the path one chooses, with each presenting more prestige, honor, and responsibility as they move up the ranks.

At a certain age, Callistan’s are offered a chance to choose an order to fall into. While not mandatory, many see it as a way to start a living and gain the necessary skills in which to successfully live a satisfying life. Those who don’t choose an order, can further their education and take apprenticeships to become a blacksmith, carpenter, laborer, or farmer or a multitude of other critical jobs needed for the empire to function. Despite the large number of jobs open for those seeking a more rudimentary life, nearly 50 percent of Callistans join an order for at least a portion of their lives. New recruits are sent through a rigorous trials to prove their worth. Those who do not pass, are encouraged to improve their skills and aided in seeking an apprenticeship in a number of critical roles. Those who do succeed are sent to a chapel of their order to begin initiation and learning, depending on their age. They are taught a history of Callist as well as receive combat training. Once completed, they join the ranks of the Order as low rank recruits. They receive promotions over their lifetime based on accomplishments relevant to their order until death or retirement.