Instead of slacking off in psychology class I've decided that I'm going to slack off in Anthropology instead. MAINLY because I'm heading off tomorrow into the wonderful world of spring break and yes I will take my 11 days of freedom from school. Which I will mostly study biology and psych and work on my anthro paper and my geology assignment.

That happens to be the plan anyway. It will most likely be filled with hanging out with friends, almost dying, hanging out with family, watching movies and playing video games but I can dream that I am a good University student. So far, I'm mostly an average grade student but to be honest with you its not a bad start.

Last week, during one of my midterms, I had a f*cking idiot sitting behind me who refused to stop kicking the back of my seat. I was going to shank a b*tch, no joke.

I'm just so happy I got classes this semester that have more than just simple readings and then the exams are pretty much 'Remember everything you read, there will be 3 questions on the lectures and the other 97 are from readings." Aaaand my head explodes.

Why do I always get the f*cking stupidest people sitting in front of me that refuse to shut the f*ck up during lectures. Frusteraaation.

I...just recognized somebody from their beard. That's f*cking weird, like super weird.

Also, I almost just closed my tab and got it back YEAH.