I totally missed last week because I was paying attention in class.

This week. Nooooooo. I don't want to pay attention. I just want to watch the olympics. I watched all of the training and qualifiers they aired, to the point where I started watching reruns. Hahaha. I told myself I wasn't going to watch the Olympics, at all. Yet here I am.

I wonder if I just have super low self control. We're doing a personality test in class and I think I just did the whole thing wrooooong. Cause according to what I've answered I'm 'closed to new experiences', I 'lack direction', an introvert, I'm antagonistic and neurotic. I have definitely done something wrong. Hahaha. It says I'm closed minded, impulsive, somber, ruthless and insecure. That's not right, I am most certainly not impulsive BUT I am ruthless so that might be right but everything else is so wroooong. I am not somber and I can be quite crazy even with new people. Also it says I'm suspicious! Bullshit! I am most unassuming person I know!
I am also not much of a conformist, at least I think I'm not.

It's kind of funny how little we still know about ourselves. Our minds are the most important part of ourselves. Our brains literally hold every single secret about us yet we know close to nothing about it! In the field I am entering, psychology, the turn over for information, the amount of time information is valid for, is about 4 years in my field. That's it. Then we figure something else out and BAM a whole new ball-game. Which is why we generally only look at some experiments and psychologists that meant something once. Now we just read about them because they did something and HAY it made sense.

So yeaaahhh. I'm sure next year we'll go into more research than right now. Right now its been a lot of repeat.

Now we're talking about poor driving manners. If you've ever swore, stuck out your finger or shown aggression while driving. I don't drive, but YES. I have done these things and I've also almost busted a car window by slamming on it screaming at somebody who almost hit us head on when they cut us off. I ******** hate stupid people.

PokeBank and Poketranser is out, yo. Totally got myself a little baby onion fairy. Urrrgh. I'm going to spend all my break playing pokemon black and transferring all the pokemon into Y. Regardless of how long it takes. I have NO idea how people have managed to get 700 Pokemon already. Either they have a lot of friends for friend Safari or there's something illegal going on.
I just want to make Professor Sycamore proud! D:

Romance Dawn is gonna be oooouuuut and I'm so exciiiited. It's gonna at my house before I even get there. YEAAAAAH. So is Barvely Default but ehhhh. I hope it's good. Someone go and convince nintendo to get some DLC for pokemon X and Y. Like a new area and people and quests because I would love that.

Okay... I must be crazy. I'm watching the parade of athletes at the Olympic opening ceremony in Sochi and I SWEAR that the song playing for the Russian athletes is t.a.t.u's All the Things She Said. I'm pretty sure I'm nuts but with all of the anti-gay and the conspiracy and stuff I'm honestly wondering if someone just has a great sense of humor.