Exercise: Imagine you are a live-in slave, serving your ideal Dominant. What would your life be like?

Choose the answer that most closely fits your dream. * MEANS CHOSEN*

1. At 6 a.m. I am suddenly awakened by...
*a. Mistress's bell.*
b. Mistress's foot. .
c. the alarm clock.
d. the wake-up call.

2. It's time to get dressed. I am dressed in...
*a. my uniform.*
b. nothing.
c. an apron.
d. a suit.

3. If it's a busy day. I spend the morning...
a. mending Master's riding breeches.
b. pleasuring Master.
c. cleaning the hall closet.
*d. attending Master as he tours the city.*

4. Time for lunch! I eat...
*a. in the sitting room.*
b. off Mistress's boot.
c. whenever I get a minute.
d. in a nice little cafe Mistress likes.

5.The best thing about being a slave is...
a. being close to Master.
b. the sex.
*c. feeling useful.*
d. experiencing new things.

6. My strong point is...
a. my knowledge of fashion.
b. my sex appeal.
*c. my organizational skills.*
d. my people skills.

7. The hardest part of being a slave is...
a. finding time to keep myself looking good.
b. getting my intellectual needs met.
*c. the details, all the little details(.
d. being on show all the time.

8. After dinner...
a. Master reads the paper while I polish his shoes.
b. we retire to the boudoir.
*c. I do the dishes.*
d. we're off to the theater with the Joneses.

9. Time for bed. I must...
*a. lay out Mistress's outfit for tomorrow.*
b. make myself available in case Mistress wants a massage.
c. review tomorrow's menu.
d. get some sleep after pleasuring Mistress. I've got to look my best.

10. I dream about...
a. being allowed to accompany Master on a drive.
b. the day Master lets me masturbate for him.
*c. a nice long bubble bath and an intimate dinner out with Master.*
d. just staying home one weekend and relaxing.

Miss Abernathy's Scoring System: - The questionnaires' answers point to tendencies.
A's - Service oriented
B's - Sex Servitude
C's - Personal Assistants
D's - Escorts
Add up the A's, B's, C's and D's and you have tendency ranges.

If you chose mostly (a) answers, you may be a good body servant (lady's maid or valet). You value intimacy with the dominant above all else. You are aware of the importance of your physical appearance, and you like to help others look their best. You like personal attention from the dominant and are proud of any trust s/he places in you.

If you chose mostly (b) answers, you are probably most interested I in being a sex slave. You are a highly sexual person with considerable g stamina, and you pride yourself on your sexual technique. While most slaves enjoy some sexual attention, the erotic side of slavehood is your what you enjoy.

If you chose mostly (c) answers, you are best suited to be a housekeeper and/or cook. You are very organized and have considerable management skills. You are comfortable dealing with visitors but are you're just as happy behind the scenes.

If you chose mostly (d) answers, you want to be an escort. You have an attractive personality and excellent communication skills. You enjoy meeting new people and serving in public. You don't mind if some people think you're the Dominant's lover; the two of you know the truth about your relationship. Besides, you're very discreet.

Now, of course there will be a mix of answers. Secondary scores are also important.

I am Service And personal Assistent oriented. I tend to want to maintain my Owners home and self values.