Once again, I skipped breakfast, but brought along some hot chocolate to wake me up (since I wasn't in the mood for coffee).
For lunch, I got one of the personal pizzas my institute offers--for free--and I was so tempted, and got a to-go.
When I came home, I activated Ganon mode and devoured the thing. And, as if I were still possessed by some hungry demon, ate some leftover lo mein.
With that, it's clear I need to think before I grab free food. emotion_drool

After that, I decided, as part of a promise between me and my galpal Vee, to go for a walk.
Since this was my first day of the regimen, I decided to start with a plain walk--yet I was completely overzealous with the distance.
In roughly three hours, I walked seven miles, total.
(I'm proud to say, the only thing I stopped for was a Powerade and the john)

I finally came home in time to be forced to make dinner (since no one else in the house was competent enough to while I was out! >:C ) and finished at eight. Chicken parm and some baked red potato bits.

That's pretty much it for today! It wasn't too shabby, except for my Ganon mode.
Beginning tomorrow, I'm going to try for a strict yogurt diet as each meal (probably off and on between days).
This might be hard to achieve tomorrow, though, because I'm going to a birthday party and OH GOD THE TEMPTATIONS WILL KILL MEEEE gonk

....also, I saw this cute guy I had a class with once working as the host of a nearby Longhorn a while ago, and on my walk, looked through the glass door and he's still working there.
Thanks to my foodservice certification, I could easily land a job as a line cook (irony against the journal itself).
plus coworker romance

Anyhow, that wraps up today! Please feel free to chat with me, get vocaroos, all that fun stuff!

Remember, if you wouldn't admit your actions to the public, why do them in the first place?