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WARNING: Random Multi or one-shot fanfictions. If you don't see a tilde (~) in the 'summary' it's a multi-chapter fanfiction. ...or it may just be a journal entry of whatever crap I just have on my mind at the time. Thanks for stopping by! :3
Eyeshield 21 Rambles 2
How long she had been sitting in the rain was beyond Tamao. All she remembered was the laughing faces of the basketball team as she realized that she was only taken as Osamu's girlfriend just to be used and then nothing. It was all just a blur after that. But now, here she was, at the river bank, probably really close to getting hypothermia.

Not that she cared anyway. Tamao, at this point, was beyond caring. Her head hurt like a b***h, her heart felt like it had a big gaping hole in it, the tears won't stop and she was freezing her a** off. It was just another case of her ending up to be the victim of some manipulative, abusive b*****d.

...I don't wanna go home... she thought miserably, hugging herself even tighter, eyes falling a little. ...but I can't stay here forever... She buried her head in her arms. Maybe it's better if I just... disappeared...

"Hosonuma?" Tamao's head shot up in and she whirled around, nearly, falling over, to find Shin standing behind her, breathing hard with a look of confusion on his face. "What are you doing?"

"Wh-what am I..." she repeated, still trying to take in the fact that it was Shin standing in front of her. She didn't think that he of all people would come and ask if she was alright.

"You're soaked. If you stay out here, you'll catch hypothermia," he continued as if she hadn't spoken. "Go home."

Tamao just turned back around, her despondent expression back. "Good. Maybe if I just disappear, everyone would be happy."

Shin was alarmed by the sudden statement. "What are you talking about?"

"It's not like anyone really cares about me," she responded quietly.

"I care," he instantly responded, to her surprise. "Sakuraba cares."

The girl turned back around to look up at him. He stared back at her with that same expression of his, but she noticed that sincere shine in his eyes. The same shine he always had, but there was something more in it. Kindness. Warmth. The same emotions she saw every time she hung out with Sakuraba. The kind of emotions that made her day better and worth it.

The tears returned and she let out a dry chuckle, startling him. "Why would you guys even care about a waste of space like me...?"

"You're not a waste of space," the linebacker told her honestly. "Sakuraba and I both agree that you're our friend." He bent over and grabbed her by the arm. "Come on, you're gonna get sick. Come over to my house and I'll get you some dry clothes."

Before she could even protest or utter a sound, he pulled her up to her feet. Shin was about to pull her onto his back for a piggy back, but then quickly realized that she was still in her school uniform. He bent over and easily scooped her into his arms, earning a loud squeak of surprise from her.

"Sh-Shin-kun!" Tamao gasped.

Yukishirou Setsuna
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Yukishirou Setsuna
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