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WARNING: Random Multi or one-shot fanfictions. If you don't see a tilde (~) in the 'summary' it's a multi-chapter fanfiction. ...or it may just be a journal entry of whatever crap I just have on my mind at the time. Thanks for stopping by! :3
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Hosonuma Tamao always thought of herself as just another normal, small seventeen year old girl with short, black, layered hair and dark blue eyes. One who had better-than-average grades and a physique that was strong enough to be able to run a few miles without huffing and puffing like some grotesque monster. One who had quite an unhealthy obsession with basketball (just the game, not the players) and a bit of an American football head. She was just another normal girl with a somewhat normal life attending the supposed normal school of Oujou High School.

Keywords somewhat and supposed normal.

Today was her first day at the high school. She had been transferred yet again. Her stupid, abusive drunk of a father just couldn't keep it in his pants and yet again probably ruined another woman's life. And of course who does he blame? Tamao. It's always Tamao. Right? Right.

So now, Tamao was standing nervously in front of her new class, trying hard not to blush from the attention or shift uncomfortably from foot to foot. Because of her father, she could never handle direct eye contact. It almost always meant something bad.

"Class, meet your new classmate, Hosonuma Tamao," the teacher dully announced, motioning towards her. "Hosonuma, introduce yourself a bit."

"Y-yes!" she instantly responded, bowing quickly and straightening up. "M-my name is Hosonuma Tamao, as Kikuchi-sensei h-has said and I-I just moved here from Machida. M-my favorite hobbies include drawing, watching basketball a-and running."

"Thank you, Hosonuma," Kikuchi said with the same, dull and monotonous tone. "Your new seat is right next to Shin. Shin, raise your hand."

A stern-looking, well-built boy from the center of the room dutifully raised his hand and Tamao instantly noticed the empty seat next to him. As she hurried over, Kikuchi spoke up again. "Shin, I'm assigning you to help Hosonuma orient herself at Oujou. Just do it before you go to practice or something."

"Yes," was all he said.

Tamao took her seat and turned to give him a grateful smile. He merely blinked once and then respectfully bowed his head before turning back to the front. She blinked in surprise before sighing, pulling out her books and pencils and propping her chin on her palm with a small huff.

What kind of reaction was that? she thought worriedly. Did I do something wrong?

As soon as that thought was finished, a small piece of paper was thrown over her shoulder onto her desk. Surprised, the girl made sure Kikuchi wasn't facing the class before quickly and quietly unfolding it.

Don't worry about Shin's reaction, it read. That's how he normally acts. No one has really seen him smile or show much emotion. He's a good guy, though. By the way, I'm Sakuraba Haruto. He's Shin Seijuurou. Nice to meet you, Hosonuma-san!

Tamao let out a subtle smile. That was nice of him, going out of his way to sneak a note to her. She nearly laughed. Even though it would be fine to just talk to her when they switched classes and he wouldn't get in trouble.

She quietly tore another piece of paper and scribbled down, Oh, really? That's a relief. I thought I might've done something wrong. And nice to meet you, too, Sakuraba-kun. I hope we can get along.

His response was quick and it almost seemed like he was a bit eager to reply back. It takes a lot to make Shin made. Most of the time, I've only seen him get mad during games, when he showed a poor game or something.

Games? What kind of games?

American football games. I'm a wide receiver and Shin's a linebacker.

Oooh, American football! It really clears up what Sensei meant by "before practice or something"!

Tamao successfully passed back the note over her shoulder and heard it softly tap the surface of the desk behind her. She heard Sakuraba start to unfold it and just then, Kikuchi barked, "Stop passing notes, Sakuraba!"

"Uwah!" he quietly said. "Sorry, sensei...!"

"Wait until after class! Now open your book and pay attention! You, too, Hosonuma!" he snapped.

Tamao winced. Cauuught...

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Yukishirou Setsuna
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