I wanted to see if I could actually do this. It seems like fun.

1. Nelson Mandela died this year, he was 95. heart
2. Kim Kardashian had a baby and gave a incredibly dumb name to it. mad
3. Brian Griffin (off Family Guy) died in a controversial episode. emo *
4. Many big-name 80's bands quit performing at SeaWorld because of Blackfish; a sad and good documentary about Tilikum, a 'killer' orca. 3nodding
5. That dude from Fast and Furious died. neutral
6. Miley Cyrus did that... that... thing... at the MTV awards. scream burning_eyes
7. The 2nd Hunger Games movie was released. stare rolleyes
8. Kate Middleton and Prince William gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! smile
9. A Boston Marathon got bombed. crying
10. The Olympics are going to be held in Russia! biggrin
11. Justin Bieber is *finally* quitting music! ** lol
12. Syria had bombs (or something like that, I don't even know where Syria is, to be honest). sweatdrop
13. The Philippines got hit by a tsunami. eek

* - I *think* I read somewhere that Brian was coming back, but I'm not 99.9% sure.
** - His agent says that Bieber is going on hiatus, but Bieber himself said he was retiring. I am not certain what's right, but either way, I'm happy.

And there. I did it. The news of 2013 in 13 sentences. I couldn't tell every single piece of news, but I did try.