smile Season's Greetings! smile

In order to celebrate Christmas, how about a list of 10 ornaments that rock!!! dramallama heart (All links in this journal lead to places outside of Gaia. Just FYI).

1. The Joker Ornament
Why is this awesome? The question should be how ISN'T this awesome!
2. Mechagodzilla Ornament
This is... just... whoa.
3. Peter (Family Guy) Angel Ornament
Okay... I never imagined Peter Griffin being dressed as an angel, but I do admit I'd like to add this to my awesome ornaments collection.
4. The Famous German Pickle Ornament
Do I need to explain it any further? Pickle + Ornament = Awesome!!!
5. Deer In Outhouse Ornament
Just... wow.
6. "Why are you stealing our Christmas tree?" Ornament
Classic Grinch. New classic ornament.
7. Homer Simpson Santa Ornament
After all, Homer does LOOK like Santa.
8. Mustaches Ornament
Admit it. You just died of awesomeness at the thought of mustache ornaments.
9. Skittles Ornament
10. Gentleman Prefer Blondes Ornament
A classic icon makes for a classic ornament!