Ello people who so happened to randomly stumble across my very old and hardly active journal! Thanks for stopping by and reading and junk. If you are really bored you can read some of my others...or you know, go read a book...cause they are way better I'm sure. Graceling is good....just saying.


So things are going pretty great for me right now! Barb and I are doing great, which is to be expected cause we are super awesome together. We should really win an award for cutest couple of the year or something...like for realz. I met his Bosses and work friends the other night at his work Christmas party. They then invited us out to a really fancy dinner at this really fancy Italian restaurant. And they apparently liked me cause they invited us over to their house for dinner this Christmas eve. So that's cool. I just have no idea what I am gonna wear.

Work is going well, slow, but good. And I have been working on my book that I am writing. Sorta. It's going really really slow. But it's going.

I've been healthy for the most part so that's good. Um....what else. Parents are good, saw them today, and I am going over there for Christmas.

L and Panda are coming over tomorrow night! We are gonna go out to the local gay bar and get drunk! And watch drag shows! Barb has never seen a drag queen before so I'm kind of excited for him. I really hope the shows are good tomorrow. I haven't seen L and Panda in such a long time, so I'm really excited about it.

Also we are doing our present exchanges tomorrow night. And by we I mean Barb, Pride and I. It may be a little awkward cause Barb and I got eachother a lot more then we got Pride, but he understands that. So I am hoping everything will go ok. I also am a little nervous that Barb wont like the stuff I got him. I'm afraid I got him stuff that I like and not really stuff that he would like. But we like a lot of the same things. He's the type of person who just goes and gets what ever he wants on his own. He doesn't wait. So he is really hard to shop for, so I had to be creative.

Anyway, I'm bored of this already. Later!