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So, I am sitting here kind of lonely at the moment. I've fixed myself some food, played with the demon cat. Watched some n** Tuck. Read some. And played lots of GW2. And now I'm bored....and Lonely. This is gonna sound stupid but I really with Barb were here right now. I want some cuddle time.

Anyway! The last journal I wrote which was a good long while ago was right before my St. Louis trip with Barb for my birthday. Well I have you know that trip went great! One of the best trips I've ever gone on. But that's all I'm gonna write on that cause that was such a long time ago.

Things are going really well between Barb and I right now. We had a little bit of a bump. But nothing major and I think it made us stronger. Being with Barb is so different from all my other relationships. It all just comes so natural with him. I don't feel like I have to hide anything or put up any kind of front. There are not feelings of resentment, or obligation. I don't feel any guilt when I am with him and I don't feel the need for attention from other guys. I don't feel like he only puts up with me or doesn't really love me. I still have a few trust issues but that has nothing to do with him. That is just something I am working on myself. He has given me no reason not to trust him.

I met Barb's mother the other day. We went out to lunch and then went back to her house to hangout and chat for a while. It was really nice. She is really pretty and funny too. Being in her house reenforced the fact that Barb's family has money, cause that place was huge and very pretty. That's not really a bad thing, but it's just different.

We have gotten into a habit now of spending Tuesdays nights together and all day Wed, sometimes Wed nights. And Sat nights and all day Sundays together. I think that is good. We get to see eachother and spend time together without suffocating each other. Cause as much as I love him, I need my videogame time and time to deal with my crohns. Although I do love being at his house. Well....I guess it's really i love being alone with him without worrying about anybody else. I imagine what it would be like to live there with him when I am over there and I really like it.

We are going to go see my sister this Wed. I really wanna get all the major family meetings over with to help with the awkwardness. Although Barb might not be able to make it to my family's thanksgiving anyway. But still. My family is still very much pro Pride even though Barb and I have been together for more then 3 months now. But I am sure that will change with time.

I know I am talking a lot about Barb and I am sure that is kind of boring. But truth is...he is really all I got right now. Pride is always busy doing school work...which is one of the reasons we broke up. And it seems all my friends are ether moving away, or have kids and can't hang out but once a month. But maybe it's for the best. I mean the are use to the slutty wild makeout with someone on the spot kind of me. But I'm not really like that anymore. I don't drink very often anymore, energy drinks almost never happen, and I am too crazy for Barb to ever risk our relationship with something stupid. Who knows....I do miss my friends though.

Anyway I am gonna watch some more tv or something. Later!

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commentCommented on: Fri Nov 22, 2013 @ 08:53pm
I'm so happy for you!

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