floor 1
Empty room with a monster
Door to enter is a simple wooden door thats stuck dc13
Door on other side
room 2
A throne made of ivory with a monster standing over it
Theres a pool of water about 2feet deep
A door on the left and a door on the right
Room 3(left)
a nice carpet depicting a knight fighting a mindflayer and
losing his brains spilled all over the ground
A monster stands on this carpit
Room 4(right)
A large bronze table with several runes on the table they look
like the runes are used for telling fortunes
A door lead ahead
Room 5
Stairs lead down
monsters guards stairs
winged sheild hidden on a statue of a warrior upon trying to
touch sheild the statue emits a poisonious cloud fort save
dc24 causes 1d10 to strength dex and con temporaily
Second effect fort save dc24 1d10wis chrasima inteligent

Floor 2
Room 1
Empty room door is on the forward
Room 2 f
Monster guards the door
Door foward
Room 3
A monster roams this room
A stuffed grizzly bear stands threateningly on the left side of
the room strange markings cover the right wall they look cave
man style door on other side
Room 4
a giant cage with mold and grass lines the walls
In the center of the cage is a backpack is empty door on
opposite side
Room 5
A monster paces back and forth impatently
Door across the room
Room 6
Monster has been branded
The branding iron lays on the ground on the left
A belt and a pole are laying near the branding iron looking like
they might be used to restrain what ever is branded
wood scraps mysteriously are scattered across the ground
Door on the other side of the room
Room 7
Monster prowls through the room
Door on other side
Room 8
Nothing in room
Room 9
4 minor features
A mug sits near the ground next to some books
As you look up strange markings decorate the walls
On the left wall you see a climbing kit sized for a medium
creature it looks like some one was recently studing the
markings but there is no sign of life a door on the other side of
the room is your only lead
Room 10
Stairs lead down to the next level

Floor 3
Room 1
Monster tending to a manger
On the walls are simple runes showing a star over a city then
the city burning
Door on other side
Room 2
A giant fire place roars to life as the players enter the room
A locked dc 30 darkwood door is on the other side of the
Room 3
A monster guards a tied up old man a whetstone is next to the
unconsious mans face a door is across the room
Room 4
A monster roams searching for food
Door leads forward
Room 5 empty room
Door leads to next room
Room 6
opening the door causes A odorless invisible extremely
flamable gas to fill the room listen check dc 30 to hear hissing as the gas enters room
A monster wades through the room full of ash
In the center of the room is a pressure plate that causes the
room to ignite when 50pounds or more touch the plate
A locked stone door(dc 28 ) is on the other side
Room 7
a monster guards this room on the left side there is a false
wall with a sheild of faith +2 potion
Door is across the room
Room 8
mold covers the walls the room smells of mildew. the ground
is covered in a 4ft bog of mud 270 gold pieces are at the
bootom of the bog search dc 35 golden yellow topaz worth
600gp pearl worth 12 gp and violet garnet worth 500gp 1 silver chalice with several lapis lazuli gems worth 1800gp a small
hand held ivory statue worth 200gp gold and ruby challace
beset with gems worth 3000gp
When players enter the door behind them bolts shut dc 40
open lock the players then have 15 rounds before the mud
starts to rise mud fills room in 7 rounds door leads to next
room is a oak door that has swollen into the door frame before
mud starts to rise open dc 20 each round after mud rises open
dc increases by 10

Room 9
As pcs burst through the room mud sloshes into the room
spilling onto the rope bridges that cross a 100ft crater rope
bridge. The rope bridges create a circle with a four way
intersection a monster is standing in the dead center waiting
for you all

Room 10
After defeating the monster players come to a room full of
crates break dc 20 in side the crates are scooma and mason
jars and coffee and 15 cure minor woulds potions there
seems to be benches for resting at each side of the room on
the far side of the room theres a small iron door
Room 11
a random monster waits for the pcs to enter before attacking

Room 12
As players enter the door melds into the wall a monster leans
against the door with rubble strewn across a tiled floor
several cracked stone pillars hold the ceiling up just barelythe
left side of the room is unable to be used. The room has
several preasure plates dc 28search and disable each one is a
very sensitive explosion. After 1d6 explosions theres a ceiling
collapse center. If in the 40 ft radious from last explosion
reflex save for half dc 25 or be smashed for 8d8 then if
sucessful another ref save dc 20 or be burried people that are
an extra 20 ft radious from the collapse must make a ref save
dc 15 or be hit for 4d8 then another ref save dc 17 if
successful to keep from being burryied .once burried it takes
1d10 rounds before they start to be crushed and suufocated
taking 1d8 non lethal every round till unconsious or dead.after
unconsious the damage becomes lethal It takes a dc 28
strength to help unbury one person and it takes 6 rounds to
fully free one person helping some one is a full round action.

Room 13
After the last room pcs enter to see statues of every race.
there seems to be several pully systems used to move one
statue to another spot. Halfway through the room is a beatiful
reflecting pool as the pcs walk through the room a monster
confronts them. as the pcs fight they notice scented oils line
the walls fort save dc 12 or be sickened due to rotten oils. A
kobold battle horn rests above the door to the next room

Room 14
Nonedible fungus lines the walls
And broken glass is spread across the rocky ground
Several boxes are scattered across the room
When broken they spray acid in a 10ft area a monster charges
players as they enter the room on the far side is a wooden door

Room 15
As you enter the room the pcs notice a sewage system that
can open/close and grated floors. On the walls are several
large boxes that look like they can open. In the middle of the
room is alever. there does not seem to be another way out of
this room. the lever has an on off position. pulling the lever
the drainage grates close up and the room slowly starts to fill
with water. Pulling the lever has no effects after the first time.
The room will fill with water in10d4 rounds
A spot check dc 30 shows that one of the walls 's panneling is
fake. Break dc 25 to find a small stair way with a water tight
hatch. Dc 30 strength check to completly open the rusted
hatch. In side is a monster andit attacks as soon as pcs enter.
Spot check dc 25to notice secret stairs leading down to next
floor. the boxes open when water is half way through filling up the room. Inside are 1d12 dire great white sharks that
imediately start a feeding frenzy

Floor 4

Room 1
As you walk into the room reflexdc15 or fall100ft into a spiked
pit. A long snaking catwalk leads to a pedastal with a rolled up
scroll. scroll says "hello (insert character name). I have
watched your exploits and you seem like a worthy canident for
my experimental equipment. Maybe we can spark a deal. I
need gold and items to fund my experiments you need new
and better gear.when you see a green door with gold trim this
is a magical portal to my shop where i sell a variety of items
from hp potions to armor and weapons anything you need to
explore kill and do what you do best. Give this scroll to me for
a one time 25% discoc*nt "
As you follow the catwalk you come to a
Strong wooden locked door. dc 25 open dc 35 break the walls are made of stone masonary dc40break. dense rubble litters
the ground making movement harderbalance and tumble dcs
are +5 move silently dcs are +2

Room 2
A monster lurks in the room somewhere. as you wander
through the room you notice a small ledge leading to a small
alclove slime covers the walls and several empty flasks lay all
over the place seeming to lead farther into the cave. Eventually
coming to another door like the last one.
room 3
as you walk into the room you see a strange green door with
golden trim on the left and a strong oak door thats locked
dc25 open dc 40 break