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Welcome to the Harry Potter Guild of Gaia! [Please note, our guild focuses on topics other than Harry Potter (since the series has officially ended)]. We feature role-plays, discussions, classes, parties, and a lot more fun! In this guild, we aren't all just the regular students; we have teachers, helpers, house elves, and even a Head Elf! There's never been a better time to join! Right now, there's the annual Quidditch World Cup event going on, which means members are still competing for bragging rights (even though there's no classes and House Cup this summer). The Hogwarts Monthly, our guild's paper, has re-opened for all the talented writers out there who want to submit their stories!

Note from Guild Mods

We want you to have fun, but we want you to do more than just join or donate. (Send all donations to Professor_Adonis, not the guild. The guild funds can't be used for contest prizes and stuff otherwise.) We want to actually get to know you. There are many people who think a true fan joins every Harry Potter guild in Gaia and then never make more than a few posts, if any. If you are one such person, then we suggest you just pass us by. We don't consider that to be a true fan; it's just superficial and rude (especially to us, who spend a good deal of time on the guild). Also, if you think you'd like to join this guild to get ideas for your own, please don't. (If you want ideas on how to organize your guild, please see the Captain's Guild or PM Professor_Adonis).

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[x] Make at least 5 posts a month. You will be banned if you fail to post without telling us you'll be gone. We're not posting Nazis, but we'd appreciate about 10 minutes of your time in a month.
[x] Once accepted, you're a house elf. You have to earn your sorted status by making enough posts. Please don't complain; we just want an active guild. We put a lot of time into this guild and we expect a small effort on your part as well.
[x] Follow the Gaia Terms of Service. You should be following it anyway, but this is here to remind you!
[x] Be respectful to the guild moderators, as well as your fellow members.
[x] If you ever change your user name or decide to quit, please inform us in the Student Message Board (in the main forum).
[x] Don't spam! (This includes repeat threads)
[x] Mention "I hate canary creams!" in your join request, so we know you read the rules.
[x] Keep everything PG-13.
[x] No net speak, please!
[x] If accepted, make sure you read the Welcome Letter and the first page of the Entrance Hall announcement in the main forum, and check it regularly for guild updates.

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How to Join!

[x] Read the rules first. Seriously read the rules. (right above) Then...
[x] Give me a brief statement of why you would like to join this guild. (At least 4 good sentences, but we don't need a novel either.)
[x] It would be good to mention things such as which books you've read, which movies you've watched, favorite characters.. etc.
[x] If you were recruited by someone, or saw the link to this guild in someone's signature, please state who the person was that recruited you or who's signature you were brought here by.
[x] Do not copy's annoying.
[x] If your join request is denied, re-read this whole page, double check your reply, and PM Professor Adonis with a new request. Please put "Re-Applying To Guild" in the subject. Thank you. Remember even really long join requests can be denied. Please put everything we ask in the form.

Important Note about being Declined: If a person is denied, they won't be able to try to apply again for at least two weeks. If we believe your application is worthy but missing one or two important points, we will PM you before we deny your application. Otherwise, you'll have to wait two weeks.

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We really hope you decide to join our guild! We would really love to have you!
Yours sincerely,
Professor Adonis, Aunt Slappy, , Apostleofthewind13, techpriest35, and

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