Thanksgiving and Black Friday~

Hey everyone! I figured since I missed a lot I'd write some of my experiences down of what has happened since I last got on. I was gone for roughly 3 weeks and during that time Turkey day and Black Friday happened.

So for thanksgiving it was my boyfriends fathers' birthday so that was pretty interesting. He, I believe, turned 53(?) that day and wanted crab legs instead of turkey. So for turkey day I ended up eating pounds of frigging king crab legs. Afterwards, I ended up spending the rest of turkey day with my mother who didn't have any turkey either, so I was a bit disappointed but we have to be grateful for what we have right? Eventually we left my mothers' place and saw that it was roughly 9pm and figured we might as well go home until I got a call from a friend asking if I was going to arrive at his place or not for turkey day dinner. Honestly, I didn't remember ever agreeing to going, but was desperate for some freakin' turkey that I said 'f*ck it, let do dis!' and we went over. By the time we got there, all that was left was cold mashed potatoes and ham. The turkey was long gone by the look of it. It overall was pretty fun and got to see family and friends, but I never got my turkey. Once we left my friend's place at like 3-4am we headed home, but saw a Norms. It wasn't Thursday anymore, but I was really craving that turkey, gawd Im a horrible person. So I made a U-Turn and ordered some freakin turkey and we all lived happily ever after. biggrin
(PS: The turkey there really sucked ._. but the mashed 'taters and ham were amazing.)

So Black Friday comes along, and I figured I might as well buy me some new headphones. To put it simply...EVERYWHERE WAS PACKED! Every store we went to were just long lines and massive amounts of bodies trying to fight over things that they probably didn't need. So I waited until 6pm to go out and hope that maybe Target would still have some merchandise...and man...was it a wasteland. Most headphones were taken and the ones that were left weren't particularly my style or really anything I wanted. So I ended up just going home with a 4-pack of AA batteries and a pack of gum. P:

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