Korean Dramas

Anyone ever see any? I've only seen three of them and I have to say that they are pretty interesting. I stumbled onto a thread that was talking about 'em and I shared my 2 cents about the ones I watched.

You're Beautiful
This was the very first Korean drama that I watched, so it took a little while for me to get the rhythm of it. But I love a good love story and the story line of innocent girl meets bad boy is always a classic you can't go wrong with, so I stuck it through and it was absolutely a great drama. I haven’t seen the Japanese adaptation of this drama so the entire story line was completely new and there were so many hilariously funny scenes that it quickly drew me in. I finally saw the Japanese version about 5 months ago and definitely thought the Korean one was better in terms of actors, style and eye candy wink
The chemistry between Tae Kyung (Jang Geun Suk) and Go Mi Nam(Park Shin Hye) was very rough but believable (to an extent). Perhaps it was because Go Mi Nam was portraying a sister-in-training, so her innocence put a buffer in allowing herself to be emotionally free to love Tae Kyung at first. BUT, because Tae Kyung could be so intense, it totally made up for a few parts where I felt the chemistry was lacking.
All the characters were so good that by the end of the drama I felt myself falling for Kang Shin Woo and Jeremy the most whee . Definitely worth the watch and you’ll definitely find yourself going through some withdrawal when you’ve finished the drama.

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Heartstrings :
So this is the second Korean Drama I watched and I decided to watch it because it had 2 characters from the first Korean Drama I watched. The stoyline was was pretty cute, but it seemed to drag on for a bit. The story line seemed that it was purely made to appease fans like me who wanted to see Lee Shin get the girl. That's it. The songs were pretty cool however and the ending was something I somewhat saw coming, but wanted it to happen nonetheless. Very cute, but not the best thing I've ever watched.
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Bad Guy :
*clears throat* Alright, so this is the most recent I saw and I just have to say...wow. In that one word I pretty much summed up everything I really want to say for this. For those that want more imput, let me see. The drama has everything going for it at the outset: strong actors, wonderfully melancholy ambiance with flashes of darkness, beautiful score, an assured sense of pacing that told me to trust the skilled creative powers steering us through this mystery/revenge thriller that, as its title suggested, was full of moral ambiguity and complex characterizations.
There were chinks in the glossy armor early on, of course, but I was willing to overlook them and simply bask in the stunning visuals and compelling acting. The storyline was amazing. It had many cliffhangers that just made you want more. However, every show, no matter how great it is, always has flaws. The fact that it can get predictable in some areas, is easily fixed when the next time you believe you knows what's going to happen just smacks you in the face with a big NOPE! Another flaw is that although there is a handful of characters you love...there is that occasional one that you just want to strangle. stare
So the ending was cut short, and I looked up the reason behind this, and apparently the actor that played the main role, actor Kim Nam-Gil, was drafted into their military and the studio had to cut it short due to his absence being imminent.
So if you're a big fan of mystery, drama, eye candy wink (Kim Nam-Gil and Oh Yeon-Su emotion_drool ), the plot always seeming to be 1 step of ahead of you making you want to see what happens next, then I will say that this drama will also be one of you favorites as it is one of mine wink
I defenitly want to see more of Kim Nam-GIl in the future. cool
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Here's a video (without spoilers) that pretty much gives you an idea of what the show has to offer.