Slow steam ahead:

I just returned from a short holiday in Thadoma. Thadoma is a lovely desert getaway, high in elevation, surrounded by red rock cathedrals. I had a most relaxing time, but because of the mini holiday, rather slacked with the advancement of my wing crafting. I was however, able to catch some monarchs, and I also caught a rather strange looking diamondback fish.... might save that sucker for something. Who knows....

Now that I have returned home, its back to work. I needed to make progress on those wings. Now, as you may or may not remember from an earlier journal entry, I already had the items needed for the next step in my crafting journey: the boots and gloves, 10 bottles of spring breeze, the 4 fluorescent fibers, and the 2 electrums. I just needed to throw all the items, plus some gold, into my pot and craft away. Being refreshed of mind and body, I was ready. In they went, and poof!

User Image

Another formula.....are you kidding me? Sighs, I am starting to see a trend here. Well, as a wise and ancient mage once said to me, "Kid, if roads were always easy passing, no one would ever appreciate the journey to the end."

I never really understood what that meant, but somehow, as I held this new formula in my hand, I sort of understood what he may have been trying to say.

Too annoyed, I didn't care to look at the next set of ingredients I would need to continue on, so I rolled the scroll up, and headed down to my room. That would be it for the night.

Signing off, Atori the Mage.