It has been two days since I had crafted the Angelic Quest Due scroll. I have thought about continuing the quest in the AM during my classes and in the PM (between grading and socialization) I have been casually collecting the needed components that the scroll is calling for.

The recipe calls for salt, sea water, and willow bark. Luckily for me, I live near a salt-water marsh, so I was able to collect the salt water at my leisure. Salt, however, is another matter (this is not your run of the mill table or kosher salt found in any corner shop). This salt comes from a remote location where an ancient dried lake left the salt with strange magical elements. I had 5 of said needed salt, and was able to obtain the rest from a wizard who owed me for giving him an enchanted flute.

The Angelic Camisule and the angelic potion I actually already had. In my high school days I had once dressed as an angelic warrior for Halloween, and the camisole was part of that costume. The Angelic Imp Potion I had because to graduate from the Magic Academy and show that I was a master of potions, I had to brew a large batch of creature transformation potion. I had chosen the Angelic Imp Potion because it is A. the most difficult, and B. the most blue when finished (hey, I love the colour blue) Luckily for me, I still have 50 from that batch, and the potion never spoils or looses its potency.

This only left the 10 Willow Barks I needed. WIll Bark, you might think, easy enough, go raid a nursery or walk near a lake or stream. However, like the salt, the WIllow Bark needed for any potion or alchemy recipe is the Willow Bark that comes from a very specific species of WIllow, the WIllowcus Abriciasious (Don't bother looking it up in a botany book. You won't find it catalogued) These particular trees grow halfway around the world near an enchanted stream that feeds the Willow Trees. The magical waters give the bark and leaves its special properties, very useful for alchemy and potions.

As luck would have it, I had just depleted my small stash of willow bark a month ago making the Whispirus Magnificilik potion. I had to buy them. Ouch! I looked at my gold supply and frowned. A teacher's salary only goes so far, and I had just bought a new robe. I looked at the garment and folded it up. I can use it to barter or sell for that Willow Bark.

It was sprinkling slightly when I entered the shop I knew would make the trade. The witch who runs it often will buy items back for a fair price, so I often sell to her. The familiar smell of old dried herbs and musty incense filled my nostrils when I walked in. The witch was seated behind the counter, measuring bags of crushed gems. I eyed them, but with my limited funds, I knew I could not buy any. Her grey eyes rested on me, and she took the robe as I explained the gold I wanted for it. To my delight, she agreed on the amount and I had my gold.

After the exchange, I headed back to the Market of Magic, and I found myself at a vendor I knew would have the Willow Bark. We haggled over the price and after giving all my gold, I had the final components needed to finish the formula.


I was excited as I watched my cauldron bubble, expecting these grand white wings to appear ………

User Image

Instead, I got another formula, Tre.

I read it with a frown; 10 bottles of Spring Breeze, 2 Electrums, 4 Florescent Fibers, 1 Angelic pair of Boots, and 1 Angelic pair of gloves, along with 7,500 gold coins.

I smiled, because I already had the boots and gloves (old Halloween costume was sure coming in handy) and I had 10 bottles of spring breeze already. I mean, who doesn't? I just needed the four fluorescent fibers, and the 2 electrums.

I was low on gold, so I decided to make the electrons and fibers. It was a Saturday, so I spent the day creating the fibers and electrons. All components in hand I smiled, triumphant. (although my bug, flowers, fish stocks were gone)

By time I had finished, it was late, and I was just too tired and too low on gold to attempt a crafting of the formula Tre. I put my hat next to my cauldron after I had cleaned it, and headed down the spiral stairs back to the my bedroom.

-Until next time,
Atori the Mage