I give you this rose as a token of my love
as a piece of my heart
if you leave it behind
you're leaving a piece of me in the dust.

So hold it tight
never let it go
and know that this feeling will always show.

You are the one I want
you are the one I need
I know it with all my heart
and I am pleased
to know you're by my side
to know that I'm your guide.

I am your guide to the night
the angel in your life
the song inside your heart
and we shall never be apart.

No matter how far we two are
we'll always know that this love will never die.

So keep that rose by your side
if you miss me look to the sky
for I am smiling upon you
like the moon shining down upon a lake.

I live through your voice
I live through your soul
so never let me go.

I'll never give up on us
I won't let this love die.

The rose may fall apart
the rose may break
but this bond we share will last
it will live on.

Through this rose
I tell you all these words
but one speaks louder than all...


[a poem written by me on October 3, 2013]