The heart beats everyday
the heart feels everything
a heart cannot be changed
for the heart is where the real you lives.

Inside us all
there is good
that is why I find myself strange
no matter who you are
no matter what you've done
I see past all and look inside
I know from within your heart you are good
I know from your within heart all your pain
your sorrow
and love.

Everyone loves something
or someone
but sometimes the thing we love most
will bring us down if it is not meant to be
but when you find the right one
you'll know
for you will be happy
even on your darkest of days.

The heart is a gift
so never abuse it
it is your light source of your life.

You were given a heart to live
you were given a heart to care
you were given a heart to feel
but most of all
you were given a heart to love.

[a poem written by me on October 1, 2013]