-Kankri stands at about 5’5”. His horns ad about an inch to his height.
-He is rather pudgy
-His body is usually covered, but he does have a few scars of his own. How they appeared, no one will know.
-His hair is a bit unruly but really soft
-Like his hair, his skin is also really soft (especially his hands)


-It is easy to mistake Kankri as snarky and bitter, but it is usually unintentional. Sometimes when he wants to be nice, people see him as mean, rude and annoying. This usually saddens him.
-All Kankri really wants is a friend. Someone who will just LISTEN to him without laughing at him, or insulting him, or abandoning him the moment he starts talking. But Kankri knows that that’s never going to happen. He’s always going to be alone. He both loves and hates that fact he will always be alone.
-Sometimes Kankri wishes he was not dead and in the blasted dream bubble. That way he could rid himself permanently. So everyone can be happier and not annoyed by him. However, he is not brave enough to finish the job.
-Kankri does actually kind of want someone in at least one of his quadrants, But he knows that will never happen and can never happen.
-He’s accepted the fact no one would want him, and, in fact, wouldn’t wish himself upon anyone, anyway - he’s a freak, as triggering as that word is, a prick, annoying as f*ck. He has heard it all and understands why no one bothers.
-Kankri will refuse any form of touch or affection, unless he deeply trust the person he are receiving it from
-If Kankri knows he said something wrong. He will apologize. A lot.