Ugh. Might i start with pers9nal space and nicknames. I f9r 9ne am n9t a fan 9f 69th seeing I have issues with pers9nal space and w9uld greatly appreciate it if y9u kept y9ur distance. Claustr9ph96ia if y9u will. Even th9ugh I am dead I like t9 have s9me 6reathing space. It is a f9rce 9f ha6it…a 6ad f9rce 9f ha6it f9r me t9 cease 6reathing when 9thers get t99 cl9se and that puts my 69dy int9 a kind 9f sh9ck. As f9r the menti9n 9f nick names. I d9 n9t like 6eing called ‘Kranky’ It is very rude and I d9n’t take kindly t9 rudeness. Sure at times I might 6e a 6it…cranky. 6ut that gives y9u n9 reas9n t9 merge it with my name in attempts 9f making fun 9f me. I have had en9ugh 9f that my life and I w9uld 6e very happy if my afterlife was n9t 6ad as well.

As f9r the 9ther things that trigger me, I d9 n9t like vi9lence. That is a maj9r trigger f9r me. 6l99d, fighting, vulgar language. The list g9es 9n in that sense. I d9 n9t like crude remarks t9wards th9se 9f the hem9spectrum, m9stly th9se l9wer. Remarks like ‘piss6l99d’ ‘rust 6l99d’ ‘peasant 6l99d’ things 9f that sense. It can 6e hurtful and very trigger. I ap9l9gize f9r using such awful language 6ut i fear that i will n9t 6e a6le t9 explain such with9ut the use 9f it. I refuse t9 call tr9lls such slurs. An9ther maj9r trigger 9f mine is sexual harassment. Cl9seness, h9rn t9uching, gr9ping, kissing, all 9f the s9rt if it is n9t c9nsensual, 6ut that is f9r an9ther time.