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The Gaia Life~
The stories will be posted~
Chapter Two
Sorry this is so late >////<.
I had a lot of stuff going on, so it may be kind of short, and partly terrible >///<.
Anyway~ Here it is.
~~~./././././.Bing Bong Bing Bong././././././.~~~
The bell rang and the hallways for filled with teenagers getting ready for lunch. Sammie walked slowly out of class with Anna as they walked toward the lunch chatting about the daily gossip and teacher issues. Soon after they were joined with Neko and Ninja, who had been talking about the best place to get sushi after school.
“Sushi Kingdom has the best lobster rolls ever!!!”
“Are you kidding?! Sushi ‘R’ Us has the best spicy tuna rolls money could buy!!”
The girls looked at each other and rolled their eyes. “Men.” ,they both mumbled and giggled after they realized they had both said it together out loud. The boys then looked at their girlfriends and immediately hugged them. Anna and Neko continued to eat each others faces (A/N Mwehehe~) and Sammie and Ninja flirted and playfully fought with each other. It was the most adorable scene you’ve ever seen, you just looked at them and you felt so happy inside it just made you want to squeal. These couples showed the definition of true love.
Bunny and Fresca sat two tables next to them eating sushi from Sushi Kingdom. They had gotten Fresca’s older brother, who was about to leave for college, to bring it to them some right before he hit the road. Fresca looked at the couples flirting and kissing and began to giggle as she said,
“Bunny. . that could be you and Danni right there.”
Bunny scoffed but blushed red anyway.
“No way! He’s only teasing me. We would never do anything like that. .” ,Bunny trailed off thinking of the thought, then got angry at herself for thinking such indecent thoughts.
She then stood up suddenly, startling Fresca and some of the people around her.
“I have to go to the library. . .You can have my last lobster roll.” she said as she ran off towards the library. Fresca only stared blankly in her direction and shrugged,
“At least the lobster roll is mine.” she said as she popped it into her mouth, close to drooling at its delicious flavor.

Infinite sat in the library as he read a new book he found. It was filled with action and adventure, and he couldn’t get enough of it. He lifted his head to look at the clock when he noticed a petite girl running into the library. She was small and her hair was almost white, she looked like she could be an eighth grader (A/N In my area. . those guys are like Oopma Loomapas x-x). He raised an eyebrow as she looked around for a book. Grey and red eyes met and they stared at each other for about 3 seconds. It wasn’t awkward, but it wasn’t comfortable either. Infinite then turned his head, confused on what happened.
“What the hell was that?” ,he muttered under his breath. When he turned again to see where she had gone, he saw her try to reach up for a book as her skirt started to rise up. He knew if he let her do that, he would get a complete panty flash (A/N I had too. >///< Sorry Infinite <3) so he got up, walked towards her and helped her grab the book she had been reaching for. When he got close to her, he noticed her stormy grey eyes filled with determination. He grabbed the book and handed it to her and replied, “Here, you looked like you needed a little help.” She looked at him, then the ground and mumbled, “Sorry to cause you the trouble. . .”
“Don’t worry about it. Nothin’ to it. . .”
She looked at him and smiled, causing him to raise him eyebrows.
“Thank you, I really do appreciate it.”
“No problem.” He replied. “See you soon.”
“Yea, see ya!” ,she said as continued on her way. On her way out, a slight breeze blew in causing her skirt to fly up enough enough for him to get a glimpse at something he did not wat to see.
Infinite blushed a deep crimson and put his head on his arms, mumbling,
“Of course they had bunnies. .” just as the school bell rang for the kids to get to class.

Zontafer walked towards class, fondling the ancient and oddly shaped rock in his hand. It was another artifact he had discovered. The stone was old and rather dusty, but it wasn’t its age that interested him, it was the carvings. The carvings seemed like it came from an ancient civilization before anything technological was invented. He had tried to ask his father about the mysterious stone, but not even his father had remembered. Zontafer sighed and walked into class. He sat in his seat as his mind wandered about the rock and other things that were going on in his mind. He then resigned on his thinking and began listening to the teacher when he got a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Neko looking at the stone intently.
Neko had noticed Zontafer studying the peculiar stone with great interest and couldn’t help but ask about it.
“What’s that thing?” ,Neko whispered as the teacher droned on about the history about shoelaces. Zontafer looked at him curiously, but realized he had been fiddling with the artifact in his hand.
“Oh, this?” He asked. Neko only nodded and continued to stare at the stone. “I found it in my basement, pretty cool huh?” Neko once again nodded, but immediately sat back in his seat. The teacher sent them both a dirty look but continued to talk to the class. Neko then wrote a quick note to Zontafer before the teacher could see.
‘Its freaking awesome. Do you have anymore’
‘Yea, they’re at my house. Do you want to see?’
‘Maybe tomorrow, going somewhere later.’
‘Okay, no problem!’
Zontafer smirked and sat in his seat chuckling.
‘Looks like a made a new alliance today’
Like I said, really short >.<
I'm sorry, a bunch of crap is overwhelming me at the moment
Forgive me
But until then
(._.)? ~iLostMyBunny

I-I. . I don't even care if you call me c-cute. . b-baka. .
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