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The Gaia Life~
The stories will be posted~
Chapter One
Hello~~ This is the first chapter of Gaia Life
The name us kinda corny but whatever~ Don't judge me >U
But I guess that's it. Oh and if I offend anyone. I promise I didn't mean too. I truly do love you guys. But yea. Hope you like it. ON WITH THE STORY!!
() () ~iLostMyBunny

It was a cool and silent afternoon in the town of Tagaian. The sky gave off a red and pink tint, giving everyone in the town a sense of peace and relief to know the day would soon be over. Except for a certain girl. She sat under a tall tree in the forest reading a book. The slight breeze in the air blew her platinum blonde twin braids around her face. She sighed as she finished her book, stood up, and brushed off her school uniform. She looked around angrily and mumbled,

“Where the hell is that girl? I’ve been waiting for an hour now. .” Suddenly the girl was tackled to the floor as she screamed. When she finally stopped screaming she turned to find a girl laughing and rolling around on the forest floor.

“I got you so good Bunny!! You should have seen your face!!”, the girl exclaimed as she proceeded to die from laughter on the floor. Bunny’s face blushes red as she continually began to hit her friend. “Fresca!! You idiot!! You almost gave me a heart attack!! I could have died!” ,Bunny yelled as she finally stopped hitting her friend and sat down. Fresca rubbed the tears from her eyes and looked at her friend. “Hehehe. . sorry. .” Fresca replied “but it was so tempting. You were a perfect target.” Bunny glared with her dark grey eyes and stood up, grabbing Fresca’s dark lavender hair with her.

“Ow!! Ow! Stop! Quit it!, Fresca yelled ,“this is abuse! Abuse! I say!”

Bunny rolled her eyes and let go of Fresca’s hair as Fresca ranted about her hair. However, Bunny stopped her mid-rant and asked,

“Aren’t you late for that interview with the store manager?”

Fresca suddenly stopped talking and looked at Bunny with her wide red and blue eyes.

Then, she immediately grabbed everything she had brought and ran out of the forest without another word. Bunny could only stare in disbelief and thought to herself, ‘So, she can run to an interview in lightning speed but can’t meet me here when I tell her when?’

Bunny then sighed, grabbed her stuff, and walked slowly in the direction Fresca had bolted. And on her way, she looked at the sky and smiled. ‘But even still, she’s my best friend.’


In the city, a young teenage boy sat on his doorstep. He looked up at the sky took a deep breath. The sky seemed to darken in his eyes. He had just came back from school, so his uniform was still on him. The top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, showing his toned skin. He looked around and grumbled, “Stupid-a** teacher. Like I’m going to do all that damn work.” He flipped his platinum blonde hair showing his black highlights. He kicked an old beer can and walked into the house slamming the door on his way. As he walked down the hallway he heard faint yelling and screaming and immediately ran into his room.

He shut the door silently and slid down onto the floor. He sat with his head back and his eyes closed and he listened to the noises around him. When he heard a sudden crash, he jumped back from the door and sat on his bed.

‘Won’t they give it a freaking rest already!? Its too god-damn late for this kind of crap!!’

He glared at the door and put in earphones. As he listen to the song, a single tear ran down his face. With his face he silently sobbed, ‘Please. . . someone. . .help me. . ‘ He immediately stopped his tears and looked at his door when he heard a loud slam and an loud obnoxious knocking on his door.

“Infinite, open this ******** door!!” ,said a slurred masculine voice. Before the man could enter Infinite immediately ran to his window, opened it and climbed outside sittig on his roof. He pulled his legs to his chest, propped his face on his knees and looked at the sky. He frowned and sighed. ‘Why is the sky so beautiful. . .but my heart is so. . .dark. . ?’

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~The Next Day*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Sammie walked into the school happily whistling to herself.She playfully flipped her shiny pink hair that was illuminated by the morning rays of the sun. She was having a great week. Ninja finally confessed to her. The way his face blushed pure red and he yelled, ‘I love you!!’ It was so cute she felt like she was going to puke rainbows. She walked towards her locker and and before she could blink he golden eyes she turned to see Ninja smiling at her giving her a cute little smirk that made her blush.

“Hey gorgeous.” ,he said as he kissed her cheek. She giggled and playfully punched his shoulder.

“Hey!” ,she responded “Did you do that homework assignment? Its due today.” Ninja looked at Sammie with his wide brown eyes in complete shock.

“Since when was that due?!”

“What do you mean since when?! He told us a million times in class.”

As the new couple playfully argued about the homework assignment, they were suddenly joined by another couple. The couple seemed like they could have been stitched together, they were that inseparable. The girl had long hair which reminded everyone like a raven’s glossy and beautiful black wings and her eyes were a light brown, immediately grabbing the attention of anyone who looked at her. But the boy with her was the total opposite. When you saw him the first thing you noticed was his golden blonde hair hidden underneath his hat. Then the next thing you noticed was his eyes. His eyes were a sea-blue that seemed to wash away anyone who looked at them. But instead of looking at anyone else, they were locked lovingly onto the girl’s.

Sammie and Ninja had stopped and looked at the couple and smiled.
“Well well well. .” Sammie giggled “If it isn’t Neko and Anna! You guys look so cute I’m going to go into sugar shock from looking at you for too long!!” Anna looked at Sammie with a faint blush on her face.

“Oh hush!”, Anna said as Neko wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheek. As Anna giggled Sammie couldn’t help but roll her eyes at them. Although she lightly teased them, Sammie did truly love both of them with all of her well-being. Anyone who tried to hurt anyone of them would have to pay dearly. Because when Sammie is angry. You will regret it. Eternally.


Mooniity and Bunny both walked into the school with their bags in hand. Everyone looked at them with joyful eyes. Moon looked around and waved to everyone as Bunny blushed and kept her head down. They were fraternal twins and anyone who had eyes could tell. They both had platinum blonde hair to the point where it looked white, their faces looked the exact same, and they were almost the same height. Moon was the older one by about 6 minutes. Although they looked almost exactly alike, their differences was what kept them apart. While Bunny was slightly more level-headed, Moon was kind of a goofball. While Bunny liked to stay quiet a little more, Moon could talk for hours on end. And while Bunny wore all her emotions on her sleeve, Moon had a way to hide them by jokes and silly games. But even so, the pair loved each other and didn’t allow any people to come between their family bond. Except for Fresca of course.

Moon waved goodbye to Bunny and walked toward a dear friend of his who had been waiting for him for a while.

“Moon, you will never guess what I found in my basement yesterday!!”

“Zonta, you have a freaking museum in your basement. What cooler thing could it be now?”

Zontafer and Moon have known each other since birth. Zontafer had dark brown hair that he spiked up on his head. He had a nice tan that made most girls his age swoon at the sight. And his abs showed through the tank tops he always loved to wear. Zontafer had a habit of finding cool artifacts in his basement and selling them so he could buy things for himself or his family. Zontafer and Moon may have been goofballs. But when it came to family, it was their top priority.

On the other side of the school, Bunny and Fresca chatted about random topics from Justin Bieber’s idiocracy to a new item at their favorite store La Mercado (A/N The Marketplace *giggle*) when suddenly they turned to see girls gasping and squealing as a certain boy walked down the hallway.
“Oh.” ,Bunny started.
“s**t. . .”, Fresca finished, “It’s Danni (A/N Haa~~ Its funny because thats his name x3).
Danni walked down the hallway like he was the hottest thing that ever lived. Which in this school, he kind of was, with Infinite at the same status. Danni flipped his long dark brown hair out of his face, causing every person in the hallway to squeal. His turquoise blue eyes sparkled with laughter as he winked at a girl who was staring at him, causing her to fall over and faint. His white and light-blue shirt had the top three buttons unbuttoned showing his tanned chest to every girl in that hallway. He looked around and noticed Bunny trying hard to keep her face down and less red. He smirked as he walked over to her and put his arm on her locker startling her.

“Well hey there Bunny. “ ,he said slowly as she began to grow more red by the second.

“H-hey Danni. . “ ,she began and Fresca gaped at her like a fish ,“ Why are you here? Did you need something?” Bunny felt glares pricking her body as glanced behind her to notice girls glaring and whispering at her and Danni. Danni seemed to take notice of this and smirked as he grabbed Bunny’s head and kissed her forehead.

“Not really. .Just wanted to say ‘Hi’. .” Danni laughed Bunny immediately stopped breathing. He then walked away leaving Bunny as she stared off into the distance, her face completely flushed.

Fresca looked at her and began, “Since when in the hell did you know Danni?!”

Bunny only mumbled a response,” Since. . about. . .1st grade. . .” Bunny then woke up from her daze and shook her head as if to clear her thoughts.

“Damn it!! He always does that!!”

“What do you mean always?! He just kisses you and leaves like that?!”

“Yea, ever since I met him!”, Bunny said as she blushed ,” He just randomly did. . I don’t know why though. . “ Fresca only stared at Bunny is disbelief, but then smiled and linked their arms together.

“You owe me a huggee explanation, you know?” ,Fresca giggled. Bunny only sighed, but smiled as Fresca and her practically skipped down the hallway to their next class.


Nerd sat in the back of the class. He didn’t really care about what was going on. He only wished this class could end sooner. He wanted to go out and talk to his friends about a recent thing that caught his attention in La Mercado. He wasn’t popular (Or so he thought), but he didn’t realize that everyone knew him and everyone liked him. He was sweet to everyone he met. He wasn’t a complete label whore like other guys in this school. He just was himself, and everyone loved him for that. The teacher droned on about famous explorers and different oceans as Nerd texted his friends.
'Class is lame. Wanna meet up l8r?' (A/N Talking like a texter. Forgive me Minty >//< wink
'Cool. Meet thr @ lunch?'
'Hek ya!'
Nerd smiled as he shut his phone and worked on his homework. Thank god class was almost over. Infinite walked into class 10 minutes later.
"You're Mr. Chaos."
Infinite said nothing as he walked to his desk and simply put his head down.
The girls squealed as quietly as possible and the teacher only rolled their eyes and continued with the lesson.
'Another stupid day at this school. . . '
First Chapter~~
What did you think?? I'm going to keep writing these. . because. . its well. . fun!!
So be ready for more drama, comedy and ego boosting material <3
Love yas!!
() () ~iLostMyBunny

I-I. . I don't even care if you call me c-cute. . b-baka. .
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    Exotic Pinz
    Community Member

    Sun Sep 08, 2013 @ 11:11pm

    Fantastico excellent story for a short script or novel keep up the good work and good atmosphere emotion_c8

    Community Member

    Mon Sep 09, 2013 @ 12:03am

    Amazing story >3<
    I want more heart

    Community Member

    Wed Sep 18, 2013 @ 02:15am

    Man! I love your writing style! I can't wait until the second chapter and how all these stories fit together or some other thing you have in store. ^_^ Keep up the good work!

    User Comments: [3]
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