I had a very rough night tonight.

To start off, I'm now attending Post University as a resident, and for the most part it's been a tremendously positive experience for me. I've met many new faces, made many new friends and I've actually been getting involved with clubs and people at my school, which has never happened before to me. I love it here.

If I had to pick one thing I hate the most about Post so far, it would have to be a guy who we all know as "JB". He's an utter a*****e, and that is actually putting it very kindly. JB is this guy who pretty much hangs out with the same circle of friends that I hang out with, which include Anyi, Chris, Ray, Pi, Monica, T and Julia.

JB apparently has Aspergers' like me, according to him at least. But the thing is, whenever he's around, I absolutely cannot say ANYTHING without him butchering it with a snarky-a** remark. Tonight he was especially bad, to the point of mimicking my facial expressions and the words I say, with the deliberate intention of pissing me off. I was getting so mad that I was trembling. Thankfully, he stopped there, and surprisingly said "Sorry.", if you could believe that. My response was just like "..... Yyyyyeeeaaahhhh......" because I know very well how much ********' bullshit that apology was. If he'd done one more thing I probably would've snapped and left the room. He said that he was in a bad mood, and that he had a headache. Well, to that I say this: If you have a ********' headache, why are you taking it out on other people? Go back to your ******** room and have your headache there. LOL. Absolutely no effort to analyze other peoples' perspectives whatsoever!

One thing I want to point out is, when I immediately leave the room/area, that's usually my first move when I get the feeling of wanting to get violent with people. Being a guy, I regrettably admit, I too can be set off to the point where I want to beat the ever-living s**t out of somebody. But unlike other guys, I absolutely never allow that to happen, and so I act with the most logical decision: getting the ******** out of the room immediately and maybe walking around until I can calm down. I've reacted this way when Tom Bradley and I got into a fight, and the only other time was with Mike Chutka, my manager at Stop and Shop. It's very very rare that someone actually succeeds in rubbing me in such a way that it pisses me the ******** off, but JB somehow could do it on a regular basis.

One thing I did tonight, right after he mimicked me, was I actually started up Audacity on my computer and began an audio recording of the situation. That meant that ANY other bullshit he started with me would be caught on my computer, and I'd be able to show it to someone. Doing that put my mind at ease, and was actually a very creative way to calmly and non-violently handle the situation, so I'm very pleased with myself there. It also motivates me to not retaliate when JB makes the wrong move at me, because I'd know that what I say is also being recorded. I plan on doing this each time I go to Chris's room and JB is there.

One pleasing factor about the whole situation is that everyone else in the room sticks up for me when JB attacks me (and by golly, he's done it plentifully already other than tonight!) Anyi will tell him to ******** off, to not be mean to me, and she'll call him an a*****e. At that point, he sort of hesitates, like he doesn't know what to do, and when that happens it's so satisfying to see him get his. XDD Other people like Chris, Pi, and Julia have also stuck up for me against JB, and it's really nice to see. It's situations like that that could potentially point out to me who my actual friends are.

Another thing that helped me through tonight is that while this was all going on, I happened to be talking to Ryan. If Ryan wasn't there to talk to, I'd be closer to "walking out of the room". I explained to him the situation, and he was very supportive of me, and we both started analyzing the kind of people assholes are. xDD One thing Ryan mentioned that was incredibly interesting was that assholes "don't need or want validation". And that statement is ENTIRELY true. LOL! I never even thought about it before he mentioned it, but it's completely accurate. When he said they don't need validation, he basically meant that he doesn't need or want acceptance from his peers. He doesn't care whether friends like him or not. Man, I'll tell you this: The one day Ryan will cease to amaze me is the day I ********' DIE! ^^

So that's how my night went. Hopefully tomorrow night is better, and I'm sure it will because it will be with Stephanie. :3 Hanging out with Stephanie has always been a really genuine, positive, happy experience. ^^