I'm glad we're going home. There really was no point in even going out tonight because all I did tonight is everything I couldve done at home. People are ignorant and ******** assholes. Give me a different planet to live on, PLEASE!!!

In conclusion, that's how my night went. I really desperately hope things aren't this way at post in September. The only people that ever contact me currently are all the ones that I wish WOULDNT contact me (with the exception of Ryan). When I go to post, I will make every effort to associate myself with people, it will be up to THEM to determine whether their friendships with me sustain or not. I'm a goddamn aspie. Don't write me off just because I'm weird or don't take initiative or whatever... its not a hard concept to grasp: if you don't initiate things with me, that tells me you're just uninterested in being my friend at all.. And I'm SURE I'm not the only one who feels this way.