Once again...taken for a fool...
its not fair
why me ?
why those this happen to me?

I never done the same back
so why
why am i always used as a target to all the pain?

i want to run away
but i sometimes wonder if someone will chase me
i want to end it all but i wonder
would somebody care enougth to stop me ?

Here i am
crying again
like a fool
why do i always get taken by a fool?

But if you do the same
then your the badguy
if you do the same
ohhhh you did not think about anyone but yourself
those words hurt
and what hurts the most is that you could not get your point across....

Seems like this is my fate
but karma will come
sooner or later it will
and i know its mean
but its going to get back twice or trice as hard as the pain that was given to me
i just wish that it does hurt deep
cause in the end
hurting someone
would be the last thing i do
i guess that is why i keep get taken by a fool