this is the continued life of Morgan and the Cross-tin family. Morgan is now back the orphanage doing the chores she missed while hanging out with her new friend Henry. who she then found out was a cross-tin. "Morgan are done with bathroom cause you still have to eat and then clean attic." Ms.Spell-man says. "Yes ms.Spell-man I'm done with bathroom and may i eat breakfast now please." Morgan says. So then Morgan goes to join her other friends in the mess hall for breakfast. Meanwhile Henry is at Cross-tin manner eating with his parents telling them about Morgan. "well mom and dad i met this girl named Morgan and she is really pretty." Henry says. "oh well how did you meet her son." Samantha Cross-tin says. "oh I met her by saving her life." Henry says. "Wow that's nice son I'm proud of you." Eli cross-tin says. So then Henry goes outside to relax and then his mom and sister comes to join him. "hey big brother." Ambrey says. "hello little sis how are you." Henry says. "son guess what your father is going to the winter-land orphanage to adopt a sister or brother for you and your sister here." Samantha says. "Yay that's awesome." Henry and Ambrey says. Eli is at the orphanage looking for a kid to adopt and then he come a cross Morgan. "excuse me mam i would like to adopt her." Eli says. "oh you want to adopt Morgan oh alright." Ms.Spell-man says. "Morgan get your things you're being adopted." Ms.Spell-man says. "Yes mam I'll get my things." Morgan says. Morgan then gets her things and leaves with Eli to cross-tin manner. "I'm home and got a surprise for you guys say hello to your new sister Morgan." Eli says. Henry and Ambrey runs to go hug Morgan with welcome arms. Henry and Morgan and Ambrey become very close as siblings. Morgan is now a cross-tin and she share a room with Ambrey. wait until part3.