In this world many people are just mean but not this girl and rich family. In this orphanage lives a girl named Morgan and she is really nice and very pretty. Morgan has brown hair and blue eyes and her skin is soft and smooth. Morgan is very smart and she is 8years old. Morgan had many friends in the winter-land orphanage but the person that ran hated kids and treated them badly. Ms. Spell-man hated Morgan the most. Meanwhile in a beautiful mansion lived a rich and kind family they are the Cross-tins and this family is so nice. One day Morgan was outside playing by a lake and then she falls in the lake but then a boy named Henry jumps in the lake to save her. Henry is 15years old and he is a Cross-tin and smart and strong and he has blond hair and hazel eyes. "Thank-you for saving me." Morgan says. "Your welcome but be more careful about where u play OK well I'm Henry." Henry says. "I'm Morgan and nice to meet you." Morgan says. "here let me take you home where do live." Henry says. "I live in an orphanage well winter-land orphanage." Morgan says. So then Henry and Morgan walks back to Winter-Land orphanage. "Morgan where have you been you missed doing your chores." Ms.Spell-man says. "oh well I'm sorry ms.spell-man i was my new friend Henry." Morgan says. "oh OK boy what is your name." Ms.spell-man says. "I'm Henry Cross-tin mam." Henry says. "OK then well then thank-you for bringing Morgan home." Ms.Spell-man. wait until part2.