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8/31, Wednesday, date
You: (Ah... it's almost the time we agreed on. I should hurry so I won't be late.)

Marui: Yo, you're early again today.
You: Ah, Senpai. Good morning.
Marui: Don't come too early. I don't want to make you wait.
You: Ah, sorry.
Marui: Ah, don't apologize. It's fine if you come on time like normal.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Three games is good for bowling, isn't it?
You: Right.
Marui: Okay, let's go.


Marui: Hup.
You: Wah! A strike again! That's turkey.

Marui: Heh, well. It's nothing.
You: Senpai, you're good at bowling too.
Marui: Yeah! It's genius.
You: Yes, you're amazing!
Marui: Right, right. Do you want me to show you something even more amazing?
You: Eh?


Marui: Well, watch... there!
You: Ah! It's a split with pins 7 and 10...
Marui: Mm. ♪ Just as planned.
You: Eh? You were aiming for a split?

[LOL THOSE SPARKLES actually I don't really like Marui's face in this one]

Marui: Right. Well, just watch. Let's go.


You: Ah... the seven pin went flying and hit the ten pin... amazing, you got a spare.
Marui: You saw it? My genius skill.
You: Amazing... you're just like a pro player.
Marui: Right?
You: Senpai, you're good at everything.
Marui: Yeah, well.
You: Is there anything you're bad at?
Marui: Bad at... ah, there is. Just one thing.
You: Eh? What is it?
Marui: It's a secret. ♪
You: Ehhh, please tell me.
Marui: Soon, soon. More importantly, are you hungry?
You: Ah, you're evading the question. Geez. But it's true that I'm hungry.
Marui: Then let's leave.
You: All right.

Marui: Okay, what should we eat. Is there anything you want?
You: Right... nothing in particular for me...
Marui: Then anything is fine?
You: Yes.
Marui: Then I know a good place! Let's go!
You: Ah, wait, Senpai! Don't drag me like that~!

You: This is... a cake shop?
Marui: It looks like a café at first glance, but they serve delicious cakes.
Marui: As a bonus, this time is the cake buffet! It's all-you-can-eat.
You: Geez... you're even having cake for lunch?
Marui: It's fine, right?
You: Yes, I don't care. I like cake.
Marui: Then I'll go get some!

You: They are a lot of kinds. Gâteau chocolat, mille-feuille, cheesecake, Mont Blanc...
Marui: I'll get the ones from one side.
You: You're going to eat that much?
Marui: Of course!
You: Fufu, geez...

Marui: Okay, this is just about everything. Then let's eat.
You: Ah, please wait a moment.
Marui: Eh? What is it?
You: It looks like there's cake fortune-telling.
Marui: What's that?
You: Look at this pamphlet. You can tell someone's personality from what's in their favorite cake.
Marui: Heeeh...
You: Which do you choose, Marui-senpai?
Marui: Even if you say the one I like the most. I like them all.
You: What if you were forced to?
Marui: Right... right now I want to eat this peach tart the most.
You: I think I want the cheesecake... okay, the results are...
Marui: Ith there thomething writhen?
You: Ah, you're already eating, Senpai.
Marui: Mmph... because it looked tasty. So, how was it?
You: Um... you chose the peach tart, so you're an extrovert with a lot of self-confidence.
Marui: Oho.
You: However, sometimes you get stuck bluffing. In particular, you tend to show off in front of someone you think a lot of.
Marui: Hmm...
You: Is it right?
Marui: I wonder... well, there might be some parts that are right.
Marui: So, what about you? Let me see.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: What, what, you chose the cheesecake, so you're a person like a white wedding dress...
You: Wedding dress?
Marui: You have the skill to change yourself to match the interests of the person you like... really?
You: Maybe... I don't really know.
Marui: Since it's a fortune. You either know or you don't.
You: Fufu, that's true.
Marui: Anyway, let's eat the cake. There's still a lot.
You: Yes.

Marui: Ah, we finished eating.
You: ...Senpai, how many did you eat?
Marui: Ah... I didn't count.
You: The salespeople were surprised.
Marui: It's fine. There wasn't any left.
You: Fufu. It would be rude to the salespeople if there was.
Marui: That's how it is.
You: Senpai, do you want to rest for a while?
Marui: Oh yeah, right. Do you want to take a break in that park?
You: Yes.

Marui: Whew... I really ate too much.
You: Are you all right?
Marui: Yeah, fine, fine. If I move around a bit, I'll get hungry again soon.
You: Fufu, that's amazing. I'm a bit jealous.
Marui: Jealous?
You: Yes. Even after eating that much, Senpai, you don't gain any weight at all.
Marui: Ha, that's because I do some hard training. Even now, look, I'm wearing power wristbands.
You: Ah, the Rikkai tennis clubs' famous ones with weights in them?
Marui: Ha, Sanada wouldn't shut up if I took them off. I'm always wearing them.
You: I see... if you just exercise like that, you don't gain weight.
Marui: Why don't you try exercising too? I thought this when we were bowling earlier, but you're in good shape for it.
You: Really? Then maybe I'll start jogging.
Marui: Yeah. In that case, is it all right if I run with you too?
You: Eh? Really?
Marui: W-well... only if our schedules match.
You: Fufu, will you really do it?
Marui: Ah... well, whatever. Anyway, it's good to exercise.
You: Yes.
Marui: It would be better if you played tennis... if you did, we could...
You: Eh?
Marui: Ah, no, it's nothing. We should going. Next let's go to the arcade, the arcade.
You: Fufufu, okay.

[+ some hearts]

You: (That was fun... but... I wonder... how he feels...)

9/1, Thursday (exactly the same for all rikkai routes)
You: (Right after the opening ceremonies are over, there's a meeting at the assembly hall...... it's a bit rushed.)

You: (The opening ceremonies ended without incident. We're supposed to meet in front of the gates. I wonder if everyone is already there?)

Akaya: Ahhh, summer vacation's over just like that.
Jackal: Akaya, did you see the commercial on TV yesterday?
Akaya: Commercial? What was it? Yesterday I was desperately doing my homework, so I didn't have time to watch TV.
Jackal: They played a commercial for the school festival.
You: Eh? For the school festival?
Akaya: W-what, really?
Yagyuu: Ah, I also saw that commercial.
Jackal: It's the first time I've ever seen a commercial for a school festival.
Yagyuu: It was on a Kantou local channel, but...... I didn't think they would go so far as to make a TV commercial for it.
Yanagi: Most likely it was done by Atobe. A TV commercial has great influence. There will be a huge crowd when those days come.
Marui: What can that guy be thinking?
Sanada: I don't care, let him do what he wants. He's coming up with plans to make the school festival a success in his own way.
You: It'll be a big success for the schools......
Sanada: By the way, Yamamoto, weren't you saying you were contacted about something?
You: Ah, that's right. For tomorrow's good work party [I don't remember how I translated this lalala], you need to bring swimsuits.
Jackal: Swimsuits? Are we using the pool?
You: I think so.
Marui: Heeeh, that's smart.
Yagyuu: Won't you be taking part in the party?
You: Eh? Me? I thought I would refrain......
Yanagi: That's not necessary. It's fine if you participate too.
Marui: Right? You're a friend of ours too.
Sanada: Mm. It's as they say. There's no need for you to hold back.
You: Really...... well then, I'll take you at your word.
Niou: You, Yamamoto. The steering committee chairman is calling for you.
You: Eh? What happened?
Niou: I don't know. He just told me tell you he's looking for you.
You: All right, I'll go find out.
Sanada: Then, we'll do a final check on the booths.


You: Were you looking for me, Chairman?
Atobe: Ah, a troublesome situation has come up.
You: Eh?
Atobe: The suppliers of the anko that you were going to use for your booth have been associated with a case of food poisoning.
You: Eh!? T-that's......
Atobe: They were suplliers you could rely on, but.... it seems like there was some sort of mistake.
You: It can't be... the anko that we paid for today is......
Atobe: Yeah, the transaction has been suspended.
You: That's...... if we don't have anko for the sweets booth......
Atobe: You can look around for other suppliers, but all the suppliers of good quality will refuse because they can't immediately supply the quantity you need.
You: ......if it's a lower-quality supplier, will we be able to arrange something?
Atobe: Yeah. However, don't hope for the same taste as you had before. It's because they'll be mass-produced.
You: ......in any case, I'll go consult with everyone.
Atobe: Right, you do that.

Sanada: Muu...... that is a problem.
You: Yes.
Sanada: Shall we talk it over with everyone? Akaya, Jackal, Niou! Let's go to the sweets booth.
Akaya: Got it.

Yagyuu: Something terrible has happened, hasn't it?
Marui: Seriously, at the last moment.
Yanagi: Lower-quality anko...... I don't really want to use that.
Marui: 'Cause the menu as it is right now was already delicious.
Sanada: However, we will have to sacrifice something. If there isn't any anko, we cannot open the sweets booth.
You: ......there's a way, but it's all-or-nothing.
Sanada: What is it? Tell us.
You: We'll make the anko.
Yanagi: That's... if we make a mistake, we'll end up losing everything.
Marui: Didn't you say making anko is hard?
You: I did, but...... with everyone's skills, it might go well.
Yanagi: It's a dangerous bet. The probability of success is...... 39 percent.
Jackal: Those aren't good chances.
Marui: But there's value in trying than to put out a bad menu, right?
Yagyuu: That's right...... having come to know that elegant taste, I can't reconcile myself to settling for anything less.
Yanagi: ......that's true.
Sanada: Hmph, if you say so, then it's worth a try. We'll also lend you all our efforts.
You: I'll go ask the chairman to make the arrangements for azuki beans and sugar.

Evening + night
Atobe: Make it yourselves? Are you serious?
You: Yes.
Atobe: I looked into it a bit myself, but...... it's difficult. You know that, right?
You: Yes, I do.
Atobe: Hmph...... so it was like that.
You: Eh?
Atobe: I thought you guys would say something like that. I reserved azuki and sugar.
You: Eh? R-really?
Atobe: Just tell me how it goes. And one more thing......
Atobe: I asked for a favor from and got an expert anko-maker to coach you.
You: G-going that far for us...... is it really all right?
Atobe: Well, this time the trouble couldn't be avoided.
You: Thank you very much.
Atobe: If you're going to make that much anko, it'll take time, won't it? I'll give you permission to stay until ten o'clock.
You: Thank you very much.
Atobe: Enough with the thanks. More importantly, go back and tell everyone. Afterward, finish the preparations.
You: Understood.

Sanada: It's started to boil. I add water, right?
You: Yes, that's right.
Akaya: This one's fully cooked. It's all right to add the mashed beans now?
You: Yeah.
Yanagi: Even so...... the azuki are the highest grade from Tanpa, and we also obtained good sugar.
You: Yes, if it's with this, it'll be all right as long as we don't mess up making it.
Jackal: Oi, Yamamoto. The expert has some advice for you.
You: Ah, I'll go now!

Yagyuu: This is... the last of it.
Niou: Yup, that's right.
You: The amount we planned on...... it's all done.
Sanada: Mm, good work, everyone.
Marui: Let's give it a taste......
Marui: Mmm! This is amazing!
Yanagi: Yes, it finishes with an even better taste than the anko from before.
Yagyuu: If it's with this, it will be fine.
You: Everyone, really, great work today. And Sanada-senpai and the rest of you...... thank you very much!
Sanada: Don't say such reserved things. We don't need thanks. It's because we're friends.
Akaya: What he said.
Jackal: Oh, isn't it about time?
Yanagi: Fifteen minutes before ten... we made it on time.
Yagyuu: I've put the last of the anko into storage as well.
Sanada: Then, let's all go back to the station together.
You: Yes.


You: (Today was tough... I'm tired, I should go to sleep soon...)