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off Gaia since there really isn't anything here for me anymore. This will no longer be updated. My translation blog can now be found at http://azurillturtle.blogspot.com.

/rolls away

(translation) Marui GakuPuri [7/7]
last translation post in this journal. my dedicated translation blog is now here!

incidentally sorry this is late. was out of town(ish) yesterday and got back early this morning, went to lab, and am pretty dead still ;; have the rest of marui.

9/2, Friday
You: (The good work party at the pool...? What in the world are they going to do?)

You: The good work party is in the afternoon, so I'll go see how everyone is doing.

Marui is in the main building.

You: Bunta-senpai, are you already having lunch?
Marui: Ah, no, no. I already ate lunch.
You: Eh? It's still only 11 o'clock. So you're eating again even though you've already eaten lunch?
Marui: For the good work party this afternoon, since we're using the pool, we're gonna be swimming, right? So I thought I would replenish my energy right now.
You: Senpai... do you really use up that much energy?
Marui: Yeah, concentration is a necessity for my genius skills.
You: I see... it's true that it's easy to turn sugar into energy.
Marui: You know a lot.
You: Even so, Senpai, you eat a lot of sweet things.
Marui: Yeah, well. But I really just like sweet things.
You: Oh my... fufu.

Noon + night
Atobe: OK, everyone's gathered.
Sanada: You said to bring swimsuits, so I brought mine...... but what are you planning?
Atobe: Oi oi, don't scowl like that. It's not really a big deal.
Atobe: Today is to recognize your work on the preparations for the school festival and the opening of the swim meet.
Oshitari: What's that, all of a sudden. I didn't hear anything about this.
Shinji: ......what's this about a swim meet? We'll get unnecessarily tired, won't we? Isn't it not about the work we did?
Atobe: Stop complaining and get ready. The events for this contest are water shibasen and hassoutobi, as well as water polo. [...one of these is not like the others. shibasen = cavalry battles, where one teammate is held on the shoulders of the others and the goal is to knock down all the other groups.]
Yuuta: Hassoutobi?
Mizuki: It's a historical tradition where, at the Battle of Dan-no-ura, Minamoto No Yoshitsune jumped over eight boats at once.
Mizuki: It's a legend from Heike Monogatari.
Atobe: It's an event that requires crossing over styrofoam sheets in the pool, and you compete to see how far you can run.
Momo: Ah, like what they do a lot on variety shows on TV?
Fuji: Kibasen is fine, and so is hassoutobi, but both of them sound like they would be something out of an idol swimming contest.
Akazawa: You call them events, so are there any special prizes for the winners?
Atobe: No, there isn't.
Akazawa: What's that?
Atobe: It's the opposite of that, but if your results are poor, a penalty game awaits.
Ryoma: Penalty game......?
Momo: Oi, this development can't be......
Akazawa: What's this penalty game?
Inui: It's this.
Kurobane: Geh!? T-that's......
Saeki: Inui Special......
Kikumaru: Iwashi Mizu~!! [sardine water]
Atobe: ......so that's how it is. Doesn't it make you want to do it?
Tachibana: What's that? Iwashi Mizu [spring water]? Isn't it refreshing?
Inui: It's not "spring water." It's "sardine water." It's made from pressing whole sardines, and it's a healthy drink with an abundance of DHA.
Kamio: Geh! Sardines!?
Eiji: This is bad, this is really bad.
Aoi: Uuu...... this is a pressure I've never felt before......
Kaidou: ......I don't want to lose.
Mukahi: Look how panicked those guys from Seigaku and Rokkaku are.
Oshitari: It seems like it really is something dangerous.
Ootori: This is...... we can't lose.
Atobe: Hmph, did that make you a little more serious? It's just playing around if there isn't any motivation.
Momo: There's way too much motivation!
Eiji: Anyway, why does Atobe know about Iwashi Mizu?
Atobe: Hmph, don't underestimate my information network. That sort of thing is easy to investigate.
Tezuka: As expected, Atobe.
Momo: It's nothing to admire him for!

Aoi: All right, now this so-called good work party that's an insane life-or-death struggle begins to unfold!
Aoi: The chairman is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
Aoi: The commentator is Hyoutei Gakuen's Kabaji-san. Please treat us well.
Kabaji: Usu.
Kurobane: That Kentarou...... he managed to run away skillfully.
Shishido: Hey...... why is Kabaji commentator?
Fuji: There isn't an audience, but Aoi-kun is in high spirits anyway.
Aoi: Whose hand will grasp the laurels of victory?
Aoi: And who will receive the dreaded penalty game! It's fascinating, isn't it, Kabaji-san?
Kabaji: Usu.
Shishido: ......they might be a good combo.


Aoi: The swim meet is finally on its last event, the underwater fighting art, water polo! The favorite is Rokkaku!
Kabaji: The winner will be... Hyoutei.
Aoi: Whoa, it seems that the commentator Kabaji-san recommends Hyoutei. All right, let's begin the match!

Aoi: Heart, technique, body, in this game that requires all of them, which team is expected to achieve victory!
You: Bunta-senpaaaai! Please do your best!
Aoi: Whoa, over here we have spirited cheering for Rikkai's Marui-san!
Kabaji: Usu.

[lol cg. a ball hits Jackal on the head and marui cheers.]

Aoi: Ahh! Marui-san's shot hit his ally Kuwahara-san!
Aoi: Ah, no... the ball is headed for the goal!
Kabaji: They're... genius skills.

Aoi: With that, the final event is over. Who is expected to take home the overall victory?
Aoi: And who takes home the disgraceful last place?
Kabaji: Anyway...... take a guess.
Aoi: Well, the announcement of the results. The winner is...... Rikkai Dai Fuzoku, Marui Bunta! Congratulations, Marui-san!
Kabaji: Congratulations.

You: That's amazing! You're the overall winner, the winner!
Marui: Yeah, well. It was easy, easy.
Jackal: Guwaa!!!
You: Ah, just now......
Marui: Ahhh... Jackal? Geez, he's an unlucky guy. I feel sorry for him.

You: (The swim meet... that was fun. Tomorrow is the school festival at last...)

9/3, Saturday
You: (Okay, today's finally the school festival! It'll be nice if it goes well......)

Atobe: Ladies and gentleman! It's finally the start of the school festival!
Tachibana: The opening greeting is done by Atobe? It's just like him to show off.
Jirou: Amazing, amazing! There are a lot of shops! It looks so fun!
Mukahi: You're really energetic at times like this, Jirou.
Atobe: I'll leave out the ceremonies. Enjoy yourselves to your hearts' contents. That's an order. Got it?
Oshitari: ......he's acting like that even now.

You: The attraction contest is in the afternoon, so I guess I'll look around at all the booths in the morning.

Then you can look around. Sneakily I already translated most of these.

You can choose to observe the sweets place in the main building (Renji) and the Smash DE Bingo booth in the booth space. Marui is of coure at the sweets place. Basically the same thing is said no matter what you choose in both places, so I'll only show Marui's.

You: (Uwah...... they're getting a lot of business. Everyone looks busy...... I wonder what I should do.)

(Let's try calling out to them.)
(They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way.)

First choice:
You: (Who should I call out to......) (skip to next choice)

Second choice:
You: (They seem busy, it would be bad to get in the way...... I'll try going somewhere else.)

Yanagi Renji
Marui Bunta
Yagyuu Hiroshi

Bunta-senpai, do you have a moment?
Bunta-senpai, should I help out?

First choice:
You: Bunta-senpai, do you have a moment?
Marui: Sorry, it's my turn to mind the shop.
You: Ah...... yes, excuse me.

Second choice:
You: Bunta-senpai, should I help out?
Marui: Ah, really? That would be a great help.

Looking around the booths. These are character-independent, so I'm copying them from Sanada's playthrough translation.

Main building:

You: A haunted house...... it's like a summer project.
Ibu: ......are you coming in? The admission fee is 100 yen.
You: Eh? No...... going in a place like this alone is a little......
Ibu: ......what's that, you're just looking around. That sort of thing is troublesome.
Ibu: ......you're in the way, so I'd like you to hurry and go somewhere else.
You: Ooh...... please excuse me!

You: Heeh...... it's a fashionable cafe.
Mizuki: Nfu, welcome. Please come inside.
You: Eh? No, um.
Mizuki: There's no need to be shy. Please.
You: U~m...... I'll come again!
Mizuki: Nn...... they ran away again. I'm worried that things won't go according to the scenario......

You: A cafe......? I think it was Seigaku's cafe.
Ryoma: Welcome.
You: Ah, um...... somehow it seems like there are a lot of people leaving who don't look well...... is it just my imagination?
You: I can also hear screams......
Ryoma: ......aren't you coming in?
Inui: Welcome. Please enjoy yourself~
You: Kyaaa! P-please excuse me!
Ryoma: Che.
You: (Ooh...... for some reason, that cafe feels dangerous.)

Booth space:

You: Heh...... you don't usually see monjayaki.
Dan: Ah, welcome! Please come inside!
You: Eh? Ah, um......
Dan: Um, won't you come inside?
You: That's, a little......
Dan: If you won't come in, Akutsu-senpai will get mad at me! I thought you'll help me so I want you to come in!
You: T-that's...... I'm sorry!
Dan: Ah...... she left.
Akutsu: Che, what are you doing! Are you not able to get customers honestly?
Dan: P-please excuse me! I'm sorry!
Akutsu: ......it's fine, come inside and help out.

You: Heh, a cotton candy shop......?
Eiji: Welco~me! We have sweet, delicious cotton candy~!
You: I'll take one, please.
Eiji: Thank you. All right, make sure you hold on it without letting go.
[present: cotton candy with a cat on the bag!]
You: Eh? Ah!
[present: ...cotton candy floating off the top of the screen]
Eiji: Arara, even though I told you you can't let go.
You: The cotton candy...... flew away.
Eiji: The bag is filled with helium.
You: Heh...... that's cool.

You: Goldfish-scooping! It looks fun!
Kaidou: ......it's 100 yen for one try. Will you do it?
You: Yes!
Kaidou: Here, the poi and cup.
You: All right...... if I'm going to do it, I might as well go for the big one with the protruding eyes...... ei!
Kaidou: Fuu...... you didn't get it.
You: Ooh, too bad. All right, one more time!
Kaidou: It's no good. If you do it like that, no matter how many times you try, you won't scoop it up.
You: Ooh, then, let me see you do it.
Kaidou: ......all right. Watch closely. Fshuuuuu......
You: ............
Kaidou: Boomerang Snake!
You: Uwah......
Kaidou: How was that?
You: ......I can't do that. I give up.

You: Ah, a takoyaki stand! I'll have some.
Mukahi: Welcome! What'll you have?
You: Eh? Ah, there's a variety of things.
Mukahi: I recommend this one!
You: Eh, which?
Mukahi: Takoyaki with natto in it!
You: Um!?
Oshitari: Gakuto! You made something on your own again? I told you to stop that!
Mukahi: Uwah, Yuushi, you were there?
Oshitari: It doesn't matter. Didn't I tell you not to do these things on your own?
Mukahi: Isn't it all right?
You: Ah...... it seems like you're arguing, so please excuse me.

You: Um...... what is this place?
Ootori: Welcome.
You: Um...... this is a cafe...... right?
Ootori: Yes.
You: Ah, that's right, Hyoutei's......
Ootori: Will you come in?
You: Eh? Um......
Ootori: At the moment we have about fifty people waiting, however, so the wait time is a little long.
You: Eh? Ah, that line is for here...... moreover, it's only girls......
Ootori: So how about it? Shall I give you a ticket?
You: N-no, it's fine. Goodbye.
Ootori: Thank you. We'll be waiting to serve you some other time. [...from the bottom of his heart or sth.]

You: I thought it was a big float, but it's a beach house?
Saeki: Welcome! What will you have?
You: Um...... shaved ice.
Saeki: Will that be to go?
You: Yes.
Saeki: What syrup?
You: Um......? What is this "sujouyu"?
Saeki: Sujouyu is when you mix "su" (vinegar) and "shoyu" (soy sauce) and......
You: Not that! This is also syrup?
Saeki: Yes. Would you like to try it?
You: Um..... in the end, I'll go with the normal strawberry.
Saeki: Thank you. One strawberry!
[present: kakigoori! uguuuu I want]
You: (......but it's kind of worrysome. Sujouyu......)

Aoi: Now the volunteers from the tennis clubs will start the attraction contest!
Aoi: The master of ceremonies is me, Rokkaku Chuu's first-year captain Aoi Kentarou.
You: Ah, it's starting, it's starting.

You: It's about time for Bunta-senpai's turn.

You: Uwah... what amazing cheers. I shouldn't yell in a way that won't lose to them.
You: Bunta-senpaaaaai!! Do your best!!

Marui: Yo, did you see all my genius skills?
You: Yes. It was a splendid dance.
Marui: Yeah, well. I heard you cheering.
You: Ah... that's a bit embarrassing.
Marui: Haha. Don't be embarrassed, don't be. Because I was happy.
Marui: Okay, there's still time before they announce the results, so let's look around at the booths.

Ah, that's a bit...

First choice:
You: Yes.
Marui: Okay, then let's go.

Second choice:
You: Ah, that's a bit...
Marui: What... well, that's fine. Then, later.

Booth space:

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Marui: A cafe, huh. It looks pretty ordinary.

If you haven't been there before:
Marui: A cafe, huh. It looks pretty ordinary.
You: That's true.

Inui: Would you like to test that?
You: Kyaa!?
MaruI: Uwah!? Don't scare me like that! Seigaku's Inui, huh.
Inui: I apologize for surprising you. By the way, you were saying that our cafe was ordinary.
Marui: Isn't it?
Inui: Then will you try this?
Marui: W-what's that?
Inui: Special Inui Genius Training Drink. This would not be on the menu of an ordinary cafe, would it?
Marui: Genius Training? Even if I don't drink that I'm a genius. Besides, what's up with that color?
Inui: It's its natural color.
Marui: That's abnormal, right? That gross oily color.
Inui: That's because it contains an abundance of DHA.
Marui: DHA? Wait, I've heard that... ah, the penalty game from the swim meet!
Inui: That's right. This is an improved version of that Iwashi Mizu.
Marui: Improved version? Jackal collapsed from that. It's more amazing than that?
Inui: Mm. In comparison, its destructive power has increased sevenfold.
Marui: ...who would drink that. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes. Please excuse us.
Inui: Mm... the long-awaited sample ran away.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Marui: A haunted house?

If you haven't been there before:
Marui: A haunted house?
You: It's standard for summer.

Ishida: Oh... Rikkai's Marui-san.
Marui: Oh, an umibouzu. As expected of a haunted house.
Ishida: W-who are you calling an umibouzu!?
Marui: Haha. Sorry. I was joking. You were Fudomine's... Ishida.
Ishida: Yeah, you remembered?
Marui: Yeah, well. But it seems like you didn't have enough power as my practice partner.
Ishida: I'll say this to you... if we meet at Nationals, please prepare yourself.
Marui: Yeah, I'll look forward to it for you.
Ishida: So... are you going to go into the haunted house?
Marui: Well. What'll we do? Shion.
You: U-um... I... I'll decline.
Marui: That's how it is. Sorry. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.

If you've been there before:
You: Ah, this is...
Marui: Hmmm, a cafe, huh.

If you haven't been there before:
Marui: Hmmm, a cafe, huh.
You: Doesn't it feel kind of fashionable?
Marui: Really?

Mizuki: Nn, welcome, Marui-kun.
Marui: ...who're you?
Mizuki: Oh, you don't know me? I'm the playing manager of Saint Rudolph, Mizuki. It's nice to meet you.
Marui: Saint Rudolph... ah, that place that lost during Regionals.
Mizuki: ...you say it so bluntly. Well, that's fine. So, will you enter?
Marui: Hmm... what should we do?
Mizuki: Ahh, just one thing. We sell black tea at our cafe. Please do not chew gum.
Mizuki: It will spoil the scent of the tea.
Marui: I see. Well, that's a pain, so let's not. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.

Booth space:

If you've been there before, it only differs from if you haven't by the presence/absence of the first line.
You: Ah, this is...

Marui: What is this? A cafe?
You: It was... Hyoutei's cafe.
Marui: So they built this building just for that. Must've been a lot of work.
Akutagawa: Nn... ah! If it isn't Marui-kun!
Marui: Oh, Akutagawa? Are you awake?
Akutagawa: Hahaha, yeah, well~ Oh, are you coming into the cafe?
Marui: Hmm... what should we do?
You: Um... the line isn't shrinking at all...
Marui: Line?
Akutagawa: Yeah. I think there's fifty people left.
Marui: What's that about. We'll give up. Let's go, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.

Evening + night
You: It's about time to announce the results.
Marui: Yeah. Okay, okay. How will it turn out?


Atobe: Then, now we'll announce the results of the attraction contest!
Atobe: The overall winners will be awarded tickets and an all-expenses paid trip to next year's Wimbledon!
Atobe: The winning team is......

Atobe: The street dance!

You: You did it! Congratulations on winning!
Marui: Well, of course.
You: That's right, it's because your dance was wonderful, Senpai.
Marui: W-well, yeah... but if you say it so bluntly I get embarrassed.
You: Fufufu.
Marui: Y-you still have time, right? Let's go look around the school festival together.
You: Yes.

You: Uwah... the number of people is increasing again.
Marui: There're a lot of people who are free.
You: But thanks to that, the school festival is a huge success.
Marui: Well, that's true.
You: Where do you want to start looking?
Marui: Anywhere is fine. We've got time.
You: That's true.

You: Ah, this is...
Marui: Goldfish-scooping, huh. That looks interesting.
Kaidou: ...welcome.
Marui: You're... Seigaku's snake kid.
Kaidou: Rikkai's ordinary guy?
Marui: What're you saying. You're talking to me with my the genius skills.
Kaidou: Are you going to do goldfish scooping?
Marui: Of course. I'll definitely show you my great self's genius skills. Watch, Shion.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Hup, first one.
You: Amazing, amazing!
Marui: And then...! The second!
You: As expected, Senpai.
Marui: Easy, easy. Then the third.
Kaidou: I'll say it now... you can only take home five.
Marui: What? Say that earlier. I didn't go after the important ones.
Marui: Which one do you want, the pop-eyed or the ranchu goldfish?
You: U-um... the pop-eyed, maybe.
Marui: OK! Going for the pop-eyed!
Kaidou: Fuu...
Marui: T-this one... it's pretty energetic.
Kaidou: That one's a poi crusher somehow managed to get away from all challengers up till now. [poi = the thing used to scoop the goldfish.]
Kaidou: Do you think you can catch it?
Marui: Interesting... then I'll do it!
You: Senpai, do your best!
Marui: Yeah! Leave it to me!
Kaidou: Fuu... it broke through.
You: Ah... it tore...
Marui: What, now you're in for it! Okay!
Kaidou: Huh...
You: Ah... you trapped it with the ring and caught it.
Marui: I'll call it... Genius Skill "Through the Fire Ring"... how's that for genius?

You: Senpai, you were amazing.
Marui: ...but the truth is, it was half by chance.
You: Eh? Really.
Marui: Well, I was able to get it awesomely, so it's OK.
You: Fufufu.
Marui: Ah... about that goldfish.
You: Ah, yes.
Marui: Can you carry it in your right hand instead of your left?
You: Eh? That's fine. Okay, it's in my right hand.
Marui: So now your left hand is empty, right?
You: Yes.
Marui: My right hand is empty too.
You: Eh? Ah...
Marui: If it's empty, it's fine to hold it, right?
You: Y-yes...
Marui: Don't let go, okay?
You: ...okay.

You: (The first day of the school festival ended without incident...... It'll be good if as many customers come tomorrow too......)

9/4, Sunday
You: (Today is the last day of the school festival...... I'm looking forward to it, but...... it might get a little lonely.)

You: All right, I'll look around the school festival a little.

If you go somewhere you've already been alone yesterday, you get the following conversation:
You: Ah, this is......
Boy: (whatever the first line was from when you first went there)
You: Ah, I'm sorry. I'm just looking.
You: (I came here before...... I don't need to come here today.)

If it's somewhere you went with Marui before:

Main building:

You: Ah, this is......
Ibu: ......you came again. If you're not coming in, go back.
You: Ah, I'm sorry. I'll leave in a little bit.
You: (I came here before...... I don't need to come here today.)

Accidentally saved and didn't check for Mizuki's.

Booth space:

You: Ah, this is......
Ootori: Welcome.
You: Uwah, there's a line again. This place is...... no good, huh. Goodbye.
Ootori: Thank you. We'll be waiting to serve you some other time.

You: How's it going?
Marui: Hm? It's all right.
You: All right...?
Yanagi: It's not bad, but... if we're aiming to win, it may be difficult.
Yagyuu: That's right. It would be nice if we had a good move...
You: A good move...
You: Ah, speaking of which, how is the matcha?
Yanagi: It's not really selling.
Yagyuu: It's because they're not really feeling with it. Normal people think that it's rather hard to order.
You: In that case, how about using the bench at the back and having a tea ceremony?
Yagyuu: Hou... making it into a bit of a performance.
You: If they can drink tea we make along with eating the sweets, I think they'll understand the compatibility between matcha and sweets.
Yagyuu: I see... then they'll become a little less reluctant.
Marui: It's like performance sales, huh.
Yanagi: The customers' reactions will trigger to call over even more customers. It's a rather good idea.
Yagyuu: That's good. Let's try it.

You: The customers seem to be enjoying themselves and their numbers are increasing.
Marui: Yeah, when they have matcha with the sweets like that, it's delicious.
You: If it's like this, we might be able to win...
Yanagi: You two, it's all right if you take a break now.
Marui: Eh? Is it okay? Then let's go. Shion.
You: Yes.

If you go somewhere you've been before:

You: Ah, this is...
Marui: We came here before. Let's go somewhere else.

You: Soon they'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest.
Marui: Ah, we won, right?
You: Do you really think so?
Marui: Yeah, believe in what I say.


Atobe: Now we'll announce the results of the attraction booth contest!
Atobe: In the attraction booth contest, the group who acquired the most proceeds overall was.......


Atobe: Rikkai Dai Fuzoku's sweets place!

Marui: All right!
You: We did it! Our sweets place was the top in sales and survey rankings!
Yanagi: Ha... as predicted.
Yagyuu: We were rewarded for our trouble.
Kirihara: You did it, Senpai.
Jackal: Pretty big deal.
Niou: Well done.
Sanada: Good work. Thanks to you, our Rikkai became the top overall.
You: Everyone, really, thank you very much.
Marui: This is also thanks to you, Shion.
You: That's... I only helped out a little...
Marui: I'm saying it's not like that. We won because you did your best.
You: No, that's... thank you very much.
Marui: But... with this the school festival is over.
You: ...that's right. After this there's just the campfire and social dance...
Marui: These two weeks were fun.
You: Yes, for me too.

Atobe: Well, this marks the end of the combined school festival!
Atobe: Okay, it sounds like everyone had fun. Well then......
Oishi: Wait a second. The closing remarks were supposed to be done by our Tezuka, right?
Sanada: Hmph, you're showing off.
Atobe: Che, you realized? Well, whatever. Hey, Tezuka. End it properly.
Tezuka: Mm.
Tezuka: All that's left of the combined school festival is the campfire.
Sengoku: He's as stiff as ever, Tezuka is.
Tezuka: However, the school festival has still not completely ended. It's the school festival until you return home.
Sengoku: Arara... haha.
Tezuka: So, don't let your guard down.
Eiji: You're saying that even at a time like this!

Aoi: Well, this is the final part of the fun school festival.
Aoi: Last we'll close with the social dance for all the volunteers.
You: The social dance...? I remember the steps, but... what should I do?
Marui: Oh! This is where you were, Shion.
You: Ah, Bunta-senpai.
Marui: Are you going to do the social dance? Is it okay if I'm your partner?
You: Eh? Is it all right?
Marui: Yeah! My wish would come true... no way! W-whatever. Let's dance.
You: Yes, please.
Marui: Then, Princess. Lend me your hand.


Marui: You're pretty good.
You: It's because you're good at leading, Senpai.
Marui: Yeah, well. Of course.
You: Fufu. You really are genius at everything, Senpai.
Marui: You do pretty well too. We go together well.
You: R-really?
Marui: Yeah. You've also got pretty good taste.
You: Thank you very much.
Marui: You, um...
You: Yes?
Marui: You... how do I... ah, it's no good. I really am bad at this stuff.
You: Eh?
Marui: Ah, no, no. It's nothing. ...ah, geez.
You: Senpai, what is it?
Marui: Mm... hey, what do you think of me?
You: What... um, I think you're cool.
Marui: R-really? ...what else?
You: You're good at everything you do... you're such an amazing person you can even go to the National Tournament...
You: I... really...
Marui: Ahh!! W-wait a second!
You: Eh?


Marui: This isn't the time to be saying I'm bad at it. If I don't say it here, I'll regret it for the rest of my life.
You: Eh?
Marui: Okay, listen really~ well.
You: Yes.
[s-sudden lol music change???]
Marui: Shion, please go out with me!!
You: Eh!?
Marui: You don't get it? I like you.
You: R-really?
Marui: I can't lie at a time like this.
You: I... I'm so... happy...
Marui: Then... it's OK, right?
You: Yes, of course... Because I... really like you, Bunta-senpai...
Marui: Thank you... I like you too.
You: Yes...


Marui: You know, we talked about what I'm bad at, right?
You: Yes.
Marui: I'm bad at things like confessions.
You: Ah...
Marui: But you know, I thought just now that I couldn't say something like that... I gave a pretty uncool confession.
You: No, that's not it. You were.. wonderful, Senpai.
Marui: Ha, haha... even I turn into an ordinary guy in front of you.
Marui: ...but if it's just in front of you, that's fine.
You: Yes...

You: Here. Eat.
Marui: Oh, it looks delicious.
Marui: Yeah, it's great, great. ♪
You: ...hey, Senpai. I thought normally White Day is a day for the boys to give return gifts back to the girls.
Marui: Yeah, that's right.
You: I was just wondering, why did you request cake and why did I bake it?
Marui: Don't worry about the details. Here, you eat some too.
You: Geez... okay, it came out delicious, if I do say so myself.
Marui: Right? It's because it's more delicious if you make it than if i do. So it's fine.
You: I wonder if it's all right...
Marui: I said it's fine. ...ah, when we're done eating, let's go shopping.
You: ? Where?
Marui: The accessory shop. I'll buy the silver ring you wanted.
You: The silver ring... the one from the movie we watched together last summer?
Marui: Of course.
You: You, remembered...
Marui: Well, yeah. So that'll be my return gift to you. Got it?
You: ...I'm so happy, Bunta-senpai.
Marui: When we buy it, put it on right away. I want you to always be wearing it when we're on a date.
You: S-somehow I'm kind of embarrassed.
Marui: It's not something to get embarrassed about. You're my girlfriend, after all.
You: ...yes. Then I'll buy you a ring too, Senpai. So that you can always wear it for me.
Marui: W-what's that about.
You: It's because you're popular, Senpai. ...there are times when I worry just a little, you know?
Marui: Idioooot. You don't have to worry. That's right. I'll wear a ring or whatever you want. Since it's for you.
You: Senpai...
Marui: Hey, Shion. Hurry and eat so we can leave.
You: Okaaaay.

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