The humans were still scraped and bruised, but they where determined to keep christmas to them. Lydia was the only one who had to lie about the scrapes, Since Stile's dad now knew about the werewolf situation, and Allisions dad, angrey as he had been, respected Aliison's loyalty. Rose tumbled with her regret of not being able to help.
How ever Christmas eve, they all where genuinely content at the very list. They watched Rose, staying out of her way as she frantically finished up last minuet dinner preparation. Derek watched in confusion and hidden amusement.

Cora and the werewolf boys had been 'sparring' in the front yard. Basically it was was a mix between a wolf pup's play fighting, and the usual rough housing with a couple of quick healing broken bones here and there. Cora actually being the one to break the most bones.
Issac and Boyd, actually just watched, Scott and Cora where the one's who went at it the most. Issac could be coaxed by Scott sometimes, but like Rose it was hard to stomach sometimes, to similar to there pasts.
Rose made Stiles set the table, after her tried to brave her and sneak some food.
"Alright someone call the pups in, where going to try and eat like we have some manners, call it a lessen, ironically stiles, I'm talking mainly to you" The only non werewolf male, was the one with the biggest lack of tabel manners.
The girls, even Cora finished before the others, eventually table manners where cast aside, and Allison, Rose, Lydia, and Cora all just stared at the boy's as they devoured nearly every inch of food like trash compactors.
The werewolves could not beat stiles how ever, king of holiday feasts, for her must have ate his weight in food.
When he finished gut buldged and let at a holarious but disgusting belch she laughed rolling her eye's. He held up his hands like a WWE champion.
"I am the champ!"
She rolled her eyes, and got up to clear the table and pack away left over's. "somebody roll him into living room Ill be there in a bit"

Which singlaed present time, and about 20 minuts later they all, sat. They where all eyeing the tree than eachother, since there was more presents than last year, and nobody knew who all had gotten them.

They sat in a circle and went around. Derek was first, and the Alpha had learned from last year what everyone like. She sat arms crossed stoic, and Rose ended out handing out the assigned gifts. The poor alpha unable to do so. He did well though.
(DO not have to read, its what everyone got from everyone,)

Stile's got a complete copy of several bestiary, made into an actual leather bound book. "This stuff all actually exists!" he cried. But she could tell he was happy.

Boyd and Issac got new cell phones, there old ones had nerely had it from all the being thrown around.

Cora, got a set of old records since she actualy preferd that over digital.

Scott, a new lacross stick.

Lydia some herbs that had magical properties.

Allision a new cross bow, (She got the same thing from Stiles, as well, Luckily Boyd and Issac got arrows for it)

Peter got a gift card, (All but two people got him the same thing)
"Alright Stile's it your turn to give your's" everyone looked at her in confusion.
Derek muttered, "You skipped your's" She looked suprised but indeed now saw the small box.

Carefuly she wripped the wrapping paper away. A jewl box was inside, she opend it choked back a gaspe. A beautiful obviously real silver, wolf pendent about 1 inch thick was on a thin silver chain. A soothing fragrence came with it.. "Its hallow on the inside is presevred calming herbs" she smiled. It was not sarcastic, or half way it was a genuine smile, she did not know at the time that every person in the room, even cora got her something.

Stile gave his. Allsion a got another cross bow. Boyd a ticket to a LA baseball game in the summer. Issac, a new pair of sneakers, Derek got Stile's coupons. Which were for thing;s like reasercing with out any sarcasem, or complaining. Scott got kind of two gifts, but one was a dog collar, which was a joke. His real gift was one of Stile most precious Superman comics 1st edition rare. Yes the boy's where still complete nerds even with the wherewolf stuff. Scott had been eyeing it since he got it as a little kid, and it nearly brought the Beta to tears to have it.
Lydia, got a beautiful partialy real gold, braclet, it did not turn her wrist green so she accepted that was all he could do, and even liked it.
Cora, got a similar coupon to Derek, except it was a 'shut up in my pressence of 2 hours coupon'
Cora smirked when she saw it. Boyd chuckled, everyone kind of wished they had one of those at some time.
They really laughed when Stiles handed Peter psychiatric diagnosis book.
"So you can know just whats wrong with you"
Once again Rose was suprised, she got something. Though it was kind of for murphey,more than her. It was another dog collar, but it had custom ingraving.
"Hake pack pup" she hugged stiles and nerely cried. Whistleing for murphey who had been knonked out from eating his own plate of the christmas food. She saw the small smile on Derek's face and knew he was Ok with this. Murphey seemed to know it was something to be proud of he held his head up hi before going to sit inbetween Derek and Stile's of all people. Stiles laughed and ruffled the dogs head.

Lydia got everyone new cloths, but not the kind that you fake a thankyou the kind that you actualy like. Rose was still suprised at this.

Allision, got Issac, Cora, and Boyd three free Martal arts lessons. Which they seemed to genuinly like. Scott got a movie he had wanted to see. Stile's got a wolfs bane version of pepper spray, Derek like Peter got a gift card. Rose got a dagger, "I talked to my dad, like you asked. He agreed to have a training meeting once a week, and Ill teach you some things to with the rest of the pack. Her dad was as good as any martial arts trainer but she knew he would'nt teach werewolves, Rose how ever, he had agreed to.

Boyd did not really have the money to get much so he made some stuff, he liked wood working and he made diffrent wooden figureines for people.

Issac got stile's a video game, Derek a small survival car kit, Allision arrows, Scott a survival key chain, Boyd some lacrosse gear, Cora and Lydia like peter got a gift card, and Rose a wolf snow globe.

Scott got allsion a lapis jewl braclet, Stile's like Scott had done to him got a joke and real present, apparently it was tradition for the best freinds. He got a survival whistle. and his real present was the orginal dracula movie. He did try with Cora and got her a strategy map, which she seemed satsifyed with. Lydia, got a skirt Allison obviously helped pick out. Derek a map set of beacon hills, and some of its hidden areas. Boyd a new hockey stick. Issac was thrilled with his sketch set becuse it was true, he was not much of a writer but he was a drawer. Rose got evelope it was two passes and some cash.. "You said you always want to go to a Zoo well those are two VIP passes to the Sandego Zoo, and enough money for the train trip and 3 night cheap hotel stay. The passes are from me but the money is kind of a thank you gift from all of us" she stared in pure awe. Speechless, and smiled a smile that lit up the room. Everyone returned it even, Derek and Cora's lips turned up a bit. Peter smirked, but still it was enough.

Peter, gave every one books, that suited there intrests.

Cora just growled and gave everyone there gift cards.
(Rose's gifting)

"My turn" she got up and picked up wach gift and handed it one at a time.

Stile's smiled brightly at the card. It was 2 books, "They where my mom's I guess she had a hunch or something about beacon hills. Some of them kind of interlap, its like Crytozoology, Demonolgy Parapsycholog that kind of stuff. They where written here, in medival times I'd say by a hidden coven of witches or something" she shrugged.

Lydia got a book she bought of ebay, it was history of Elvin, Celtic, and Wiccan magic.

Boyd got something simlar to what he once had, "A freind of my dad's collects hockey stuff, he gave it to me for like half of what I would have gotten if I found it on ebay, it was praticaly free" It was a pair of old hockey skates, But they where signed. Boyd had a hockey mask signed by the same person a hero of his, but it had been smashed.

Issac got a paid single class sesion at a near by art studio, "Mabey that will give you an Idea if you like the whole drawing thing as a possible career"

Scott, got a animal anatomey book,which was collage stuff dumbed down to a high school level.

Allison, got a neckless with Lace Agite, "Its said to help oromote focus and balence"

Lydia got a braclet "Most of the jewls are Cherry Quartz which has no real metaphysical but I thought you might like them, however every other stone is fairy quartx which is used to promote peace of mind, and in meditation. Its helped me sleep a bit easier sometimes, so it might be psycho sematic, but they seem to work. She explained.

"Derek, Peter , Cora, I promise your other presents are upstairs and I hope you like them, but I hope these will do for now"

Cora had an armey knife, Derek got a watch, and Peter actualy got a Shake spear book. Everyone looked at him strangley. "What, just becuse I'm a bit insane does not mean I'm not cultrualy degnified".

They basicaly just sat around and talked, Stiles made then watch the Dracula, movie and they all fell asleep. The movie stopped, and Rose was fighting to stay awake. Derek was seated in a nearby chair. "So whats this other presents for us?" he asked. She smiled sleepily, "Don't get to excited, I dont even know if you guy's will want them" he shrugged. "Get some sleep Rose" She curled couldnt help lay her head down, on someones arm amont the puppy pile, not careing who. She felt safe. The wolf did not bother her tonight.