The druid crouched next to Rose extending her hand. "You poor child, such evil to taint Luna's own child." Rose did'nt have the heart or energy to look confused. "Take my hand, I can confirm your connection to your Alpha, though anyone with eyes can see the truth in his words. Allow me to free you from this place." Rose could barley register her words but she did take her hand and a soft warmth replaced the chill in her bones, Rose's eyes flickerd silver and the connection between herself, Derek and then the rest of the pack opend once again. "Look at the ties this alpha holds again, I belive even you will understand the signifigance of this ones power and the child's destiny, as well as their bond" The Warlock's eyes went wide, and he quickly gave Derek the key to her bindings. Derek growled at him and he half ran from his sight. Derek ducked into the cage and carried Rose out. "Thank you, but how do you know who I am?" Derek asked, and the women merely smiled. "I am a freind young Alpha, I shall explain more when we are free from prying ears perhapse now is a good time to get your beta to a safe place though, I came here to aid this child, and if you will allow I would like to acompany you so I may countinue to do so, I shall give your answers if you will allow me help" Derek's instincts told him to trust the druid, defying them had always led to trouble so he nodded.

The druid said nothing on the way back, instead she focused her energies on healing what she could of a sleeping Rose's wounds. By the time they arrived in beacon hills the druid now smiled at Derek in the mirror. "Her more extensive external injuries will heal after a few days rest." Derek nodded, "Thank you again, but I'd like that explination now" The young blonde now unhodded nodded. "I am Heather, I was a freind and ally of Talia, I knew both your family and this ones family quite well. Rozamari Mactire and Genim Solis Stalinski are two I was once greatly informed on. They are unique individuals you see." Derek had a feeling that was all he was going to recive from the woman. "You would'nt happen to know Deaton, my mothers emissary would you." It was meant sarcasticaly but the green eyed womans eyes lit up and she smiled. "As A matter of fact I do, he was my mentor, he is well?" Derek could'nt help but smirk. "Yeah, he helps my pack from time to time." Heather nodded and smiled. They pulled into his loft, when the two stepped out of the car the female held out her hand. "Cell phone, please." Compelled to do as she asked and to stunned to resist he handed her the contraption and she enterd a number. "If you need me you can reach me, I shall leave you for now, pay a vist to my old mentor."
With that she was gone.
The pack was thrilled to have Rose back, and although distant and frightend, she seemed, almost OK. But almost was the key word, becuse the pack well most of them could see she was not OK. They had'nt told her about the sheriff yet, and his lack of memories about her, and she was still working up the corage to ask, becuse she knew somthing was off. Then again talking in general was kind of not happening right now. Not a word spoken since she had returned, perhapse the biggest red flag she was not OK. So two days after her recue most of her injuries thanks to Heather and being around pack, had healed. However she still heavily relied on the pack emotinaly and physicaly,since the previously thin girl was not skeletal. Not to suprinsing but secretly a bit hurtful, Derek was the only one who did not frighten her. Oh it only took a matter of hours after awakening to adjust and hide her fear and caution from the pack, but they could sense it enough to know, Derek was who her instincts trusted the most. Followed only the next day by Stiles. So sandwiched between the two as she tucked into her Alpha, and Stiles simply resting his arm on her side. She was able to gather both her thoughts and corage and spoke. "Uncle John?" Her cracked voice made the wolves perk up but whine at the deperation and wet caugh that followed from lack of use and Rose's still weak body.
"He's fine Rose, perfect health." Stiles assured with a brittle smile. She cocked her way and narrowed her eyes to look as intmidtating as she could manage. "But somthing, someone caused amnesia, rather spesific amnesia?" She nodded patciently waiting. "He can't remember, well you." Stiles whisperd eyes downcast, and the words echoed in her ears.

She did'nt break, at least not on the outside, she pretended like I did'nt matter. She healed it would be weeks before her strength would fully return, but a week after she was rescued, she had online classes set up, Peter of all peoples idea. Going back to regular high school would be nearly impossible for her right now. She would'nt admit it, never would she admit it. Each sound made her freeze, she still hardly ever talked, and her smiles were made a tissue paper, fake and fragile. The wolves could smell it, fear, ever present radiating from her. Most of all, and most obvious were flash backs.
However this did'nt mean she did'nt improve, she was able to relax around the pack more, though Derek was still a buffer for her during large gatherings. Physicaly she could wistand staying awake most of the day, and slept at night despite the nightmares. She was readjusting to talking again, even carying on conversations, it was remarkable improvment considering it had only been a week.