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The Life and Mind of DamnBlackHeart
This is to help me stay actively writing. So expect to see rants, tips on writing, thoughts on subjects, me complaining of boredom, reviews, anime, movies, video games, conventions, tv shows and whatever life throws at me.
Falling Skies: The Mole Is Reveal
This post contains spoilers for Falling Skies so steer clear of this if you haven't seen it yet. This is mostly my in-depth review of the recent reveal of the mole. I go into the evidence, the when/how it could have happen and what it could mean for the future of Charleston.

So the actual mole that is causing the real trouble is reveal and it's not who I expected it to be. Simply because I'm still trying to figure out how and when it happen. Most of the "evidence" of them being hinted as a mole isn't actually solid proof, but there was one thing that gave them away immediately.

Some people say that they figured it out as soon as Lourdes told Anne she performed DNA testing on Alexis and it was normal. I don't consider that "evidence" to prove that she was the mole because Anne did the test too. Anne got the same results, that nothing was wrong. That's why Anne went to Roger Kadar because he could devise and build a specific machine that could test for abnormality. Obviously, human medical machines aren't advance enough (or build in mind) to find out what's not normal when it comes to alien things.

That could also mean that, when Lourdes tested Hal and said that there wasn't any evidence of the eye worm in him. She preform the test knowing that the bug wasn't going to show on the machine. And if it did than she would lie about it and it would be obvious that she was a mole at that point. But the writers wouldn't want to give it away just yet.

It's not exactly far-fetch to believe that human technology isn't able to detect alien things. But what immediately gave her away to being the mole is when...

Anne gave Tom a medical kit that Lourdes put together for him to take on the trip to see the President. The mole didn't know exactly where Tom was going and what for, only that he was leaving to somewhere important. So it's very likely that Lourdes place a tracker on it. She knew that Anne would give it to Tom when she goes see him.

Tom was finding it strange that the mole was able to keep track of them. They even check the whole plane for a tracker but was clear. But they wouldn't have thought to check for something as innocent as a medical kit.

Once she was reveal as the mole certain things made sense, such as...

It would make sense for her to have an appointment with Arthur Manchester. It wouldn't appear suspicious at all for her to meet him and leave his office. But how did she get the Volm-modified weapon? Because apparently only those with military access can get them?

Anyway, how did she become the mole to begin with and when? We see her face and she's infected with the highest amount of alien bugs we have ever witnessed. Last time we saw that many bugs was in season two, episode 17 "Molon Labe". Lourdes, Matt and Anne were in the basement of the hospital collecting some supplies for the trip to Charleston. We saw a lot of bugs coming out of Jamil's mouth. Could she have been infected during that time without anyone realizing it? But I don't think those bugs were the eye worm bugs. I figured them to be specifically made to destroy organic and non-organic things...but I guess they are multi-purpose? If it wasn't then, maybe she got infected during the time skip?

If so, we would love to see a flashback of it.

Also, another thing to keep in mind, is why didn't the cure go after her while she used it on Hal? Those spores were supposedly able to sense the presence of worms and then go after them, but they couldn't sense the large amount inside her? Why didn't the eye worms in her have no fear of administering the cure? We all saw her being cautious as she handled it. I would have figure that she would try to avoid being around it (like set up an "accident" in which she gets knocked out and one of her nurses would do it -- or Ben would do being control/guided by a rebellion skitter).

But in the end, her being a mole also brings up some interesting questions: has Lourdes been using her position to infect other people? She has A LOT of alien bugs in her and it would be overkill if they're all used to control her. It only took one bug to gain almost complete control of Hal. So there must be another purpose for all those bugs inside her.

I wouldn't be surprise if she has already infected a great number of people who are acting as sleeper agents. It seems like a big possibility that Espeni would try to take Charleston from within, especially when they find out what the Volm's device does.

Lastly, was she responsible for turning Tom and Anne’s baby into a hybrid? If so, why their baby? What purpose would the Espheni gain by doing that? Why not another person's child? Heck, they could have easily gather samples from the humans they've already caught and experimented. Or it could be possible that it wasn't purposely done, that it naturally happen (or that it could be a side effect of something)?

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