~River Of Tears~

I sit aside, leaving people pass by
I want them to leave, all I want is to cry
They laugh at my pain, Oh how weak I must be
The only thing I wish is for no one to know it's me
I wish to crawl away and die
Hoping that I might be saved with that lie
I was used, I'm hopeless after all
I tilt to the side and get ready to fall
No pair of arms are going to reach for me, ever
I just want to keep falling all the way down forever
The only thing that keeps me alive is that beautiful song
I could remember it forever, and forever is long
'Sticks and stones can't break my bones' is true
Though, your words cut me right through
I thought I was unbreakable, that I would see
But, I am as trust, once it's broken, it won't let you go free
I get sucked into darkness, where I cry a river of tears
Sorrow poisons my blood, just like my terrifying fears
I know I am not able to escape
Because now, this is my new fate
Music was my only escape from reality
It soothed me, as though it was a serenity
I hope that one day, someone could bring me light
And once again, darkness will no longer fill my night
I will see that stars, that silver moon that sings so sweetly
I'm in need of help oh so deeply
I need a special thing that will help keep my mind alive
So that way, I might be able to survive
I've been living in this nightmare for what seems like my entire life
I was steps away from reaching that bloody knife
I would have used it in some way
And then, I would probably be dead the next day
I watch as my river of tears turn into a bright shade
I need to find that help before that beautiful color fades
If it goes wrong, that blue water color will turn into blood
And soon, I will be drowned into it like a flood
I need reason, I need help, I need to be bold
Before everything dies down, and my soul turns cold
I wish to stop the tears that trickle down my cheek
My life takes an unwanted turn, it becomes so bleak
Now that I know what I want, I must find a way to keep fighting
And now, the only thing I need is to keep trying
I find him in my life, nobody knows me like you do
But, why, oh why, is it so hard to say......"I love you"?