~Nearly Dead~

I've had hope that life would be okay
Now, I don't believe what they say
I've been broken for so long
Now I wish I was gone
Life means nothing to me
There's no light for me to see
People don't care about what happens to me
They only care what will come, what will be
My life was a mistake
This is something I can't take
Pain roams through
I actually cared about people, like you
But now, I realize, what's the point in trying?
I don't hear the truth, I know they're lying
Why do I need to live in pain
I feel as if I'm lost, I'm going insane
Images flash across my mind
There words are nothing, they're not kind
I see a blade, running across my skin
The scar opens first, but it's so thin
It then stretches, bleeding so fast
I cut all again, hopefully I'll be dead at last
I then see a rope, hanging from above
There's nothing in my life, it's far from love
I sit on the stool, and wrap it around my neck
I know it'll be over, all of it, in a sec
I dump the stool, my feet flying high
I know it's the end, I know I will die
I then press a gun against my head
I press the trigger, I know I'm nearly dead
But all these thoughts won't help me
They are fantasies, that's all they'll be
I could never end the pain, but I will not die
Even though I want to, I have to live by
I want to save people, all of them like me
Save them with my music, as you can see
Music is an escape from reality
And even though I have a bloody fantasy
I know I'll get better one day
But, this pain is here to stay