As I said before, but apparently didn't go through, I will be posting stories and poems as often as possible here if I can. Here is a sample there are more chapters and they will be improved someday. Please comment!!! burning_eyes cheese_whine ninja biggrin blaugh heart xp lol
Chapter 1

Picture this: long, rolling hills, profusely strewn with the colors of the rainbow. Red Roses, Orange Marigolds, Yellow Daisies, Blue Morning Glories, Purple pansies, all put together on the Emerald-Green Grass. If you venture passed that, you find town. It isn’t the normal town that you’d think it is. It’s way different. Most towns have little cottages lined up in a row, looking really homey. Definitely not my type of fun. Our town, in our world has stores on every street, and your friends always live near you. You find easy ways to make big . There’s everything you could ever want. Even though you do go to school, there’s no homework, grades, math, or cranky teachers! You even get to pick your own classes. Everyone gets what they want. Everyone except me. Let me explain, because you’re probably thinking: “Okay, back up a minute. You don’t have math or homework or math homework, but you don’t have what you want?” Of course I don’t have what I want! What I want is a friend.

Chapter 2

Thunder rolled in, and I ducked for the cover of the trees. The arms of them didn’t give much protection at all, but at least it was something. These trees are like the ones in haunted movies.
Yes. I know what movies are. I’m not stupid. Guess what? I have also heard of the telephone.

The grass is beat up and black, if there was any grass at all. The sun never shines here, and the moon never rises. Happiness was drained from the land many years ago, because of them. Wait, I guess you’ve never heard of them before. When I say them I mean the legion of evil monsters and sorcerers. We’re at war with them- we being the significantly small militia of humans. Earth is a bedtime story for us- even with Earth's craziness and havoc. Most of us have been at war our whole lives. My army is a fighting group of ages 5- 20. Not much compared to what we’re up against. I may almost be 13, but I’m one of our most important generals. All of us are given one specific power. Any others that we want we have to work for, and that goes for the other world as well. You know, the world where everything is perfect and bright and happy? Yah, you know what I’m talking about. People there also have to work for extra powers. There is a trio of people for each power, or, at least, that’s how it’s supposed to happen. I don’t have a group, and as far as I know, I’m the only kid who can fly. There is supposed to be a set of portals linking the good and bad worlds, but those two portals connect at the two ends of the sorcerers’ world.
Now I walk through the haunted-looking trees, hiding from the monsters and sorcerers that are after me. My people sent Alexa and me out for food, so we decided to split up and cover more land. I realize only now that this was a terrible idea. Now sorcerers and monsters have spotted me, and their hungry five-headed dog has caught my scent. I started sprinting into the forest, away from the threat, but I was only ahead for a short time. It’s impossible to outrun Kralo, their five-headed dog. You’d think he’d trip over his many heads, but no. He has to be able to run like a cheetah, own the teeth that can rip you to shreds, and have an awesome nose. I drew my two short swords, which came out from their sheaths noiselessly. I slowly crouched, then lunged towards the sky. The wind seemed to pick me up, plucking me from the earth. I flew, higher and higher, till I was above the forest. I looked down, ready to laugh heartily at the sorcerers, but I noticed a dragon flying towards me only too late.

It raked its claws across my chest, and I started to fall. I put all my willpower into staying in the air, but I couldn’t. The wounds were too deep. With a clunk and a jolt, I hit the ground. I’m pretty sure my body looked like a limp, raggedy doll, because I really felt like one. Once I was able to clear my vision, I took in every detail of my surroundings. The dragon that had raked me with its claws was silver, almost a metallic looking silver. It had armor. Its claws were now bloodied, and looking at my chest and the claws I tried to gauge how much blood I had lost. Most of the monsters had come to watch my destruction. They were probably thinking: “Ooh, entertainment! I’ve got to see the downfall of General Lambrou! Alice Lambrou’s army harmed me too many times!” I recognized the Scythoan Mandrags, which are basically really, really deadly snake people. I also recognized more normal creatures, like the savage blood hounds. How much I had always wanted the skin of a Magma Tigris, which is the name of the gruesome tigers. They had golden manes and silver fur, which would be the perfect armor.
Then I noticed the sorcerers and their soldiers. One of the soldiers held a hostage, probably to make as a slave. Looking closely, I recognized the hostage as Alexa, and gasped out loud. Alexa had the power of strength, so I didn’t think that she would be captured. To see her so lifeless was… painful. She looked at me, and I tried to ask her a million questions through my eyes, but all they said in return was- SAVE YOURSELF. She nodded towards one of the other soldiers. The soldier had an arrow notched in their bow, aimed directly at my face. He looked at Greonolath, the king of sorcerers.
“Lord, permission to shoot?” Asked the soldier.

“Yesss,” Greonolath said in his snake-like way. “Kill her,” he added, smiling evilly at me. I sneered at him, but he didn’t seem to notice.
The soldier let go of the bowstring, and the arrow went flying. Alexa had a look of horror on her face, tears streaming from her eyes. I tried to raise my two short swords in an X across my face to deflect the arrow, but all my strength had been drained from my body. The dragon claws had been poisonous.
The arrow hit me straight between the eyes, and the world went black.