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What I'm doing on Journal once in a while
I'm going to be writing and posting stories here as much as possible. Check for stories once in awhile, but they won't be popping up every day. I like to make sure I have a spark when writing a story.
That last one was part of the other world book 1 here is some more pirate

Chapter 3

Today we got a message- a group of people from the bad world were coming with a dead body for us to bring to life! This may be my chance to make a friend! In the message, a boy who looked almost 13 and said his name was Eric told us that a girl his age was shot in the face with an arrow. He added that she could fly (she is part of my trio!) and was one of their greatest generals. They decided to take the trouble to bring her body over for us to try to bring back to life.
“We decided that your people could try to bring her to life, but usually this doesn’t work. The best way is for a living person to actually go through the portal of death and take her soul back to the living, but that’s too dangerous,” Eric concluded.
I’ll have to prepare. I’m going to want to help with her rebirth ceremony. But, then again, he said that it would be unlikely for that to work. I’ll probably just be turned down, anyway, just because I’m only almost 13. They’ll think I’m too young. I should think on what to do.

Chapter 4

I awaken in the middle of a long, never-ending, field. I was totally shocked because it was so… green. I’d never seen so much green in one place. With me basically seeing black grass most of my life, it felt like I needed sunglasses, it was so bright. The sky was a baby blue with some clouds lazily rolling by. The sun and moon seemed to be working together to make the purest light possible, and it’s so beautiful I can’t describe it. Try imagining silver and gold melded together, and then melting into light. Something like that. This place is peaceful, undisturbed, and soothing. I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to be dead, and I felt for my breath. I felt nothing. I wasn’t breathing. I felt for a pulse, but that wasn’t there, either. I finger my chest, touching the scar that had been given to me by the dragon.
Turning around, I became aware of numerous sets of gates and doors. There were two different sets of gates, one gold and the other a black obsidian gate. I’m pretty sure they lead to Heaven and Hell. There was also a pearl door that I had no idea where it leads to. Life? Probably not. Then I noticed a mirror, and at the top of the mirror a diamond. I slowly walked towards it, as if every step hurt. There were intricately designed pictures, all lined in gold, of all the ways to live and die. I don’t know how it all fit, but I don’t think it was missing anything. Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, you name it, were lined all around the edge of the mirror. But I wasn’t paying attention to all of that. I was staring at the diamond, entranced by its beauty. A girl’s best friend. I may not be a girly-girl, since I used deadly weapons 24/7, but I couldn’t resist trying to touch it. Standing on my tip-toes, I reached up and caressed it, but quickly retreated from the heat of it. Colors started swirling in the diamond, and pictures started to form. It showed my birth, life, death, and what was happening to my body right now. As it was reminding me all these hideous things, pictures started forming on the border of the mirror. Looking closely, I noticed they were of my life.

Chapter 5

I’m told that I’m not allowed to stay and help bring this girl to life with medicines. I’m too young or at least that is what they say. But they never said that I couldn’t do the dangerous way, the way no one has ever come back alive from, by bringing her soul back. I’m so excited! (Not for the maybe dying part.) Since I’m going to be running away from home, I need to figure out what to pack on my own. Sunscreen, coats, and rubber boots- my brain is in pain from all the oodles of decisions I must make. This is going to take time-and lots of it.

I’ve decided to pack more weapons than extra clothes. I have plenty of swords, of all shapes and sizes- double bladed, long, short, daggers, broad, falchion, scimitar, great, curved, you name it, I’ve got it. Clubs, bows and arrows, shields, helmets, I’ve got em’ all. I also brought my one magic item. Its designed powers will be familiar to you if you’ve read Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling. My magic item is a bag that can hold anything and everything, a lot like Hermione’s purse. Placing my supplies in the bag, I take one last look at the place I call home, and set off for who-knows-where. My only thought- I had to find this portal.

Chapter 6

I watch the images in the mirror and I feel like I’m watching a movie. I wish I had some popcorn. Warm, buttery, popcorn, like they made at movie theatres. Maybe even some chocolate morsels. I used to get these luxuries before my home was a war zone, my friends and I had to train to survive, and before I was made of tragedy, sadness, and misery. I saw my birth in that mirror, all the way up to my death. I saw the arrow land right in between my two eyes, which both were like windows. You could look into them and see the terror and helplessness. A flash of white went through the mirror and I saw myself standing in the field of forever (my new name for this ever-going field). Then the mirror went blank and all I saw was my reflection.
I pressed the diamond again, just out of curiosity, and, to my surprise, another video came up. A girl was there-she was my age- and she was flying-flying! Flying through a meadow beautifully colored field at full speed. She was like me, probably part of my trio. She flew.

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    Jasper strong
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    commentCommented on: Tue May 28, 2013 @ 04:50am
    you should a book or a movie i would buy them both!!!

    biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin

    sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop

    heart heart

    commentCommented on: Thu May 30, 2013 @ 12:06am
    Thank you again
    it is a book
    but of course, not in stores yet
    but it hopefully will be someday!!!

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