Today was like our last day of class. Math & Speech.
In math class, we have our FINAL EXAM next week. Today was a review day.
I currently have like a 87% in that bad boy. xD
I missed like half of that class the whole semester.
The only thing pulling me through are the quizzes/test.
WHEWWW! Lol I don't even do the homework.
I also just found out that I don't get credit for that class.
Well. ********. My. Life
Anyways, I get to continue advancing into my next math classes.
We had a party in my speech class today!
Since it was also like our last day there too, it was a review for our FINAL EXAM!
Now this mf class, I am barely touching a 70%
<_< This class was just horrible.
As long as I don't get a D+ (PRAYS), if its a C-, it's all good.
I just have to ace the final exam. JUST HAVE TO GET A+++++++
I aced the other one, I just hope I ace this one too.
>_< I also got my speech results today and all I got to say about that is..
I totally bs'ed that speech and I got a 85~~~!!!
I was rooting for at least a 90, BUUUUTTTTTTTTT and 85 works for me.

Sincerely, Love <3 ~