Aoi walked into what she figuered was the kitchen, judging by the smell of it, she hadnt felt the heat outside, but once she walked through the kitchen doors, she was forced to take a step back, the sudden wave of heat catching her off guard.
"Hey you what are you doing?!" one of the cooks seemed to yell at her, as she walked by.
Aoi didnt look at him, her head remained low, the hood hiding her face, she didnt even bother to stop as she continued walking "Im speaking to you! Blood slaves are not meant to be down here" the cook said once more yanking her by the arm, when a maid bumped into her "out of the way" she said angrily, causing Aoi to roll her eyes, a bunch of humans and with no fear of her, then again they must believe her to be human as well, which worked fine for her.
Hiding her smile Aoi kept her head low "I was ordered to come get some hot water, some of the guards wish to get bathed before feeding" she quietly said, thinking that sounded more than gross, but seemed to work as the cook let out a grunt and stepped to the side "fine, use the tubs in the back, I dont need them using the cooking supply" he replied, Aoi didnt bother nodding, or replying and just did as told and went to get one of the tubs in the back, filling it with hot water she studied and counted all the workers in the kitchen, most of them where female, and very few of the females actuallly cooked, alot of them where doing the claning. In all she counted just a little over fifty workers. Grabbing the tub of water, Aoi almost rolled her eyes at herself 'Sure Im able to break free, from a bunch of chains, no problem, easy as pie, but picking up a tub of water? pffft' she sarcastically thought, lettting out a small grunt again as she left the giant dark, poorly lit, and scorching hot kitchen, thankfully one of the maids, helped her by opening the door, giving the female a quick bow of the head, Aoi continued walking out.
The group of blood slaves from earlier, she couldnt help but glare as the vampires, they had been feeding, just left them their laying limp on the floor. Of course, they where still alive, Aoi could hear their slow breathing, and even their soft heartbeat, but, just like she bit Aoshi and Kaname, they where now limp, motionless and useless. And just like any useless toy, the slaves have been tossed to the side like nothing more than garbage. But Aoi had more pressing matters to worry about, than some humans addicted to vampire spit. Keeping her head low and in the shadows, she managed to make her way back to the golden cage, where Eden and Arion still remained, both of them motionless on the bed, the only sign that they where alive, was their breathing. Walking over to them, Aoi put the tub of hot water on the ground next to the bed, and lowered the hood, and pushed up her sleeves, before grabbing some of the torn cloth of one of the gowns in the cell. Dipping the cloth in the hot water she began wipping the dry blood off of Eden, apperantly the female wsa still in pain, letting out a small hiss when Aoi wipped at the blood.

Aoshi was quietly surprised at how quickly Kaito and his men had taken down the beast, he had now learned that those creatures where common on the mountains those vampires and beast lived on, not to mention that the monstrouse creatures where used for many things. Fenris smiled seeing Aoshi deep in thought "You are too seriouse vampire, should Nocantio see you like this, you can only assumed he will try to manipulate you in a way" Fenris said as he sat on Magyars back, with them where the other five vapires, Kaito who had an arm wrapped around Melinda, Aoshi quietly admited that he envied the love the two had, one would think that with all the years the two have been together, their love would have weakend, diminished somehow, but on the contrary, it was strong, strong than anything he had seen. Apart from the vampire the Reptilian, that had turned out was a snake, was sitting close to the feline who Aoshi had figuereed was a tiger. Aoshi hid his smile thinking it kinda ironic that the Snake man was pratically sitting on the tigers lap in order to keep wrm, even if the two where male.
The snow covered mountains had dissappeared behind them hours ago, Magyar had flown over cities, and now they soared over thick, lush forest after forest, lakes and rivers. Magyar was faster than the average Avian and even faster than what one would think capable for his size. As Magyar soared high over the trees, he let out a screech anouncing the appearance of the castle. Though it was far even Aoshi could already see the outline of the huge place, and he could also feel how the others apart from Fenris and Magyar, tense up, including him.

The Nakaura, Howlfanten and Aerton had been traveling for some time, and though they where, indead tired, no one showed it. Though the Nakaura where the ones that had begun running, many of the Aerton had joined them also transforming to their beastial bodies, while a couple Howlfanten had decided to use the horses that the Nakaura had brought along.
The mixture was quite odd, over grown wolves of different colors, running with lions, leopards and a couple of panthers, while in the sky, winged human looking creatures flew. Should a human blind to their world see them, it would surely believe that the angels had come down to earth to rid them of the demons that hunted, such as them.
As they continued traveling, the stench of vampire had slowly appeared letting them know just how close the where to the vampire civilization.
"Kathrin, you will remain outside with Shiro, Shima and plenty of guards to protect you, should the need arise" Fevrion said all the other Alphas and Elites nodded, having come to this decission earlier in the week.
Though Kathrin didnt like the idea, no one argued with the main Alpha, "Yes My Lord" she quietly said, keeping the anger out of her voice.
The Aerton children didnt argue either, they didnt want to come in the begging, and Kweion pouted in though before looking to his father "And I? Will I remain with the others, or will I be joining you?" he asked respectively, getting both his parents to look at him, they both knew why he asked, he wanted to remain behind to help protect the Aerton girl "No you will be joining us. You are of age and thus must attend the meeting as well" his father, Coneart replied.
Letting out a nod Kweion then looked at at his guard, Teron, who in return stared back and nodded, understanding the quiet order of staying behind to watch Shima.
The stench of vampire became stronger and they could now see the outline of Nocantio's castle, once the group got close enough thye would be switching back to their human forms, but it was still to early to stop.
Next to Shima, Shiro let out a quiet sound, his eyes wide in wonder as he stared at the sky, Shima was surprised, her brother was more than half a sleep not even five minutes ago, but now he seemed wide awake, she then knew why , as did the others when a loud screech echoed throughout the forest.
All of them stoped as they looked up to the screech, up high, very high the shadow of a brd could be made out. But thats not what stopped them, judging by the volume of the screech, the bird was close, but looking at the shadoe and outline of it, the bird was far off, which could only mean that the bird was huge.
"Magyar" the Howlfanten quietly whispered in awe, as their eyes were now wide "This will be very interesting" Aois father quietly thought before they continued on their way.