Have to wake up early tomorrow and be a part of this assembly thing in which I'll be talking in front of like hundreds of people. But, the good thing is, I am gaining experience. I just want this experience to be over with sweatdrop

Tried watching Black Butler 2 episode 8 today. And gosh, it was... it was....

Really really gross :/ And some parts didn't make sense!

Like, what happened was Alois went back to the village with his bro and everyone was dead and there was this fire thing somehow. Um, okay, the hell did that happen? Nothing was explained. Second, Alois's lil' bro just dies out of the blue. I don't know why. Maybe I can add something epic in that explains it when I continue the series in a manga (for fun, relax).

Then Alois goes and seduces this old perverted man that took in a bunch of little boys and basically raped/had sex with them until they died. Ooookay. Scary stuff.


Poor Alois, though. He had such a rough and depressing childhood.

But I'm not crying. I don't get it, why am I not crying? Ah well, 'tis a good thing.

Meanwhile, in my story, Alexa had her first encounter with Alan! Ah, poor Alan >.>


People actually checked my journal entries out, I think. Ooookay, now they'll all think I'm psycho XP And high. I'm neither.