Okay, first of all, just for the record, sloth rape jokes are not cute. No, I do not want your basilisk in my chamber of secrets, thank you. The idea scares me and your penis is probably horrifying looking. Just saying!

Second, Kakashi died. No, Kakashi, you're not supposed to die. You're too hot to die dang it T.T Use some epic ninjutsu to come back to life, please? I mean, you haven't even read that pervy book sixty-you-know-what times. Talk about not accomplishing life goals!

I don't get why I get so emotional with these other animes, and yet, I'm watching Black Butler and I'm not tearing up at all. THAT is saying something. Black Butler is so dark and yet epic. Meh, I want a third season >.> Nooo...

Also, j'aime parler en francais, mais je n'ai pas le class de francais cette semestre. And yes, I know there were grammar mistakes in that. I haven't had French for a while and I'm not the best at it just yet redface

I'm writing, though! Ohhh sometime I should post a journal entry that's like written by one of my characters or something. That would be fun to do ^_^ And people would think I'm psycho >.>

(Psst, earth to you guys, being different doesn't equal crazy >.< wink

(Weirdness is what makes things interesting 3nodding )

(Are you reading this Chris? Uh, hi. This is what my mind is like, basically. Enjoy.)

What else? Oh yeah, I'm mainly just writing this 'cause I need to stop myself for using my Gaia status thingy as a Twitter status feed thingy and I don't want to tweet what's on my mind >.> Decisions, decisions.

Oh my goodness Amar Kunwar aieeee! biggrin :* I have this huge crush on him. Not, THAT kind of crush just a celebrity crush.

My battery's low on charge >.> Oh no.

What else is there to say? Pretty happy in high school. Could be walking on a rainbow right now. Sure, some things aren't that awesome but hey, better than that 14 month stay in Bangladesh, eh (cause I'm Canadian and we apparently say 'eh' a lot)? Hurray positivity!

Oh dear, spelled positivity wrong apparently.

Au revoir! :3