Sent in by: Mortimer Toxicity

Marc Work, passed away in 2009 of cancer of the esophagus.
He was my best friend's dad, her name is Hannah.
She was my friend in Middle School, and she and I were practically joined at the hip.
She'd come to my house a lot, where she practically became family.
I'm not sure it was the same for me at her house, but..
Of all her family members.
I loved her dad as if he were my own father.
My dad was always busy, or always sick.
There wasn't a lot of things he could do with me and my siblings.
In a desperate plea for needing a father figure, without really saying anything about it.
Marc kind of.. took the roll on himself.
I remember he'd take Hannah and me to movies..
He'd sit a few rows back so Hannah and I could watch it without having a 'dad' around.
Marc would tease me, pick on me, but he did it in a loving manner.
I adored this man.
Granted, I still loved my own father, but Marc took it upon himself to do what a father normally would.
Be there.
It was Hannah's family who was there for me when I began cutting, when I became suicidal.
Not my own.
I'm not trying to say my family sucks, or that they're not supportive, nor am I trying to make this sound like I'm looking for pity.
My family is supportive, and they adore me, but I guess..
What I'm trying to do is just.. prove that Marc was an amazing man, taken away from his family and friends by a terrible illness that they couldn't cure.
May he forever rest in peace.