Today is April 5th, 2013, I am proud that my grandma moved in my family house, I hope that my family is making her happy. Well, anyways, I don't know if i like anyone, I hope not, so it'll be all good. But I really wish not to like anyone from my school cause they are usually jerks. I really also hope that I will be able to move to California soon. It's really weird how my dad isn't talking to my grandma for no reason, I don't even know why is he is mad at her. Its like she did something bad. But I think she didn't. And I am pretty sure that I know that she didn't do anything. He takes he angrier for years. I don't think he will let it off. Well, in school, it was pretty cool, nothing happen so that's good. I hope my high school goes well till the school year is over. Anyways, this all I can say for today. dramallama