gaia_nitemareleft I have been stress with school cause all of the homework and the studying. I'm just joking with the studying but I am trying to force myself to study to get better grades for now on. The other reason is that I am also stress is with my friends. I don't know if i do have true friends anymore, I know my friends don't trust with my anyways. I know that they don't trust me cause they don't even try to tell me there feeling like how true friends are and don't even ask me for advice for it. I only have like two true friends that actually do understand me and know how I feel that i need to know to help them and i can also help them too. I really want my parent to make me move already, i really can't stand my school at all. It's too much confusing and too much stress. gaia_nitemareright
gaia_angelleft I have been used by a girl, I'm not going to say her name but i'll just call her B for now. She knew in the beginning that i didn't like her at all cause there are so many reason why, so then suddenly she became nice to me and wanted to my friend again, so i let her. But i didn't know that she actually used me to get my friend attention. My friend A and L hates her like how i hate her from the beginning. She spread a rumor staying that i be telling her that i be talking to my friend behind their back. But that's not even true. I don't know if my friend actually believe her cause B confront A saying that "you better watch out your friend because she be telling me things like stuff behind your back" those actual words can actually hit to her. But from what i think people can believe what they can believe. I have no hope having a friend that doesn't believe and believe the girl you hate. But i what i expected is that i really don't care, if there is a fight tomorrow, i'll let them be and stay away from them like i don't know sh*t because i have been in so stress plus i have be busy which i have no time for anything for that. It's life. YOLO! gaia_angelright