Creepy night story I made up

It was a long, summer night walk, there were five friends walking outside, when the entire town was practicaly empty. They were telling ghost stories, they didn't know that the one that one of the girls said, was going to come true...

They got to a house, then they heard a voice, "go away," it said. They stood there, frozen. It said again, "go away." They began to think they were just imagining things, so they started toward the house when one of the girls leg started bleeding, she fell to the ground, not able to move her leg. One of the boys said, "I think we should get out of here," everyone agreed and the boy picked up the girl and headed off, the girls leg started to heal the more they left. Soon enough she could walk again and later on they all went home.

The next day all the girls friends got called, she died, they found her dead in her bedroom covered in blood and cuts, the four friends left got scared and didn't leave home for 3 months. They finally left the house, thinking they were safe, then they headed out on a walk, during the day this time, to the same house, "looks haunted in the day," said the eldest of the group. There was a dating couple, the eldest boy, and two singles, male and female, the female single died. They walked up to the front of the house and the single boy dropped to the ground, dead, the girl left screemed to the sight of his dead body, the boys just stood there, eyes wide. After all the drama of that was over they all desided to go inside, three of them left. The girl said, "this is getting scary, I want to go home now," the eldest just responded, "come on don't be scared, it's just a house, what could it do?" They kept going from what he said but they couldn't deny that they were afraid.

Then they saw their friends that had died, the single girl said, "go away or else you're going to die," then the single boy said, "listen to her or you will all suffer." The eldest said, "ok now I'm ready to get out of here," the response was, "but you said to not be scared! It's just your imagination! Right?" The eldest then said, "ok fine maybe I did but this is REAL now, you can stay but I'm goin'." He darted off toward the door and left, leaving the couple behind. The couple then, a few minutes later, went to leave when they saw the door glued shut, super tight. The boy tried to open the door, trying to show no fear and bang at the door to open. Suddenly the girl started to cough up blood and fell to the floor, the boy caught her and held her in his arms when her stomach started to bleed. He said, "don't leave me I beg you, please don't leave me! PLEASE!" He couldn't stop crying when he started, the female just layed in his arms and said, "I love you, never forget, that where ever I am, I will always love you." They started to cry together until she died in his arms.

The eldest, the one who walked off, then heared a scream from the boy who was holding the girls dead body, he yelled, "MEREDITH," the eldest ran back to three dead bodies, the boy, and the couple. The boy left fell to his knees crying, "kill me... Kill me now I beg you to kill me," the bodily figures of his four friends appeared infront of him and said, "you shouldn't have come, you know, you could've kept them all, now you must suffer the pain of them dead."

The End