More Creepy Stories!

There was a group of six friends, they decided one night they were going to tell horror stories. Little did they know that every single one of them was going to come true. Thier names were: Marrion, Dina, Karin, Devin, Jake, and Trevor. They all had a story with six friends, all the same names, foolish of them to do that.

Marrion told a story about Dina falling into the road and getting run over. Dina told a story about Karin walking into a cute strangers house and getting killed. Karin told a story about Devin dying in his sleep, murdered. Devin told a story about Jake dying of a heart attack. Trevor told a story about all of his friends dying except him and Marrion, foolish boy.

Months after the horror stories the six walked around at night, unaware that this night, was the night their stories started to come true... They were walking on the sidewalk when Dina tripped onto the road right as a car was coming... Dina died. A few momments later Jake had a heart attack because of what he saw, he died.

The four friends left got scared and ran for home. The day after, they got a call. Devin died, covered in blood in his bed, clearly murdered. Karin, Marrion, and Trevor were all that was left, they were scared out of thier minds. Karin made a promise she would enter no boys house. Since her dad and brother never lived with her it wouldn't be so hard, or so she thought.

A week after Devin died Karin met a cute boy in school, they started dating. Then after about a month she forgot all about her promise and the stories so she asked her mom if she could spend a few hours at the boys house. She found out the boy lived alone and she sat on his bed in his room. She was found dead 3 days later when one of the boys friends walked into his house to give him something for Karin.

Marrion and Trevor found themselves alone now, all thier friends, dead. Trevor thought himself foolish, keeping him and Marrion alive, he should've died along with everyone else so he wouldn't be alone with only Marrion.

About a year after Karin was found dead they sat on the school steps of an abandoned school. The school was brown in color and had vines sorrounding the place, almost so much you couldn't get in or out of the school. They got bored so they got up and walked into the school and looked in every, empty, room.

They got to the back of the school when in the corner of thier eye they saw a girl, covered in blood head to toe and clothed in black and looking thirty years old, staring at them. They stood there staring back when the girl said, "where's my baby?" They couldn't respond, so the girl said again, "where is my baby!?!?!" They got scared, the girl jumped at them with a knife and stabbed them both to death. The school was abandoned, so they were never found.

The girl who killed them was a thirty year old woman who jumped off of the school roof and died. The school shut down without destroying anything because of what happened. Ever since the woman has haunted the school and killed anybody who came in.

The End