======Sometimes, I wonder why I ever ran in the first place. Sometimes, I don't understand why. I search and yearn to find a place where I belong. There's this "thing" inside my head and I can't get it out. This constant desire of searching to be contempt; I can't get it out. I wanna be strong! I wanna be strong!

======“Hey, wake up"

======Far in the edge of the universe, I see a place of emptiness: where it rains constantly on an endless highway, on a barren field, where the colored gray sky cries of unheard thunder and flashes of white lightning across itself; never reaching the ground. Past beyond this lies the shore, where the black ocean where the waves rage across on the colorless sand and still you can see the lightning run across the clouds.

======But from the distance you can see color, across the raging dark ocean. You can see shades of green glowing from what seems to come from under the waters, and the lightning changing its color to purple. And from there you can see the waters stand still like glass.

======“Wake up…” A voice calls echoing in this silent place. “Please wake up.”

======“I’m not ready to leave yet. Despite how empty and lonely this place is. There is something calling for me out there. Like an angelic call, or perhaps a demon that’s calling my name.”

======I open my eyes, I see his face. My head is on his lap, his hands on my cheeks, and his dark brown hair on his head; this perfect figure staring at me with his blue eyes.

======“I’m sorry I left, I never wanted to leave. All I ever wanted was to find out who I was” I try to hold on to his face, but my fingers slip through. “You understand why I had to leave right … right?”

======Then he vanishes and slips away, like a figment of my imagination. I know he’s real, because I’ve seen him before. I held him before. I start crying, crying so badly because all I ever wanted was to find where I belong, and it’s there with him, and the others. It pains me, it hurts so bad that I’m back in the darkness, the colorless place with the gray sky.

======I can’t seem to…