Well, now. Since last week, I've put in the work.

Not only is Kirby's Dream Land 3 about to come to an end, but I've also covered S.P.Y.: Special Agent Y, Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To Fool (which I also played along with, much to my chagrin) and Bugs Bunny's Birthday Bash.

I've just started posting LPs again, and this time I'm creating them so they look a lot better. You can check them out here! There's only four videos so far, but that'll change soon enough! Like last time, I'm starting (again) with Batman Returns, and continuing with Super Back to the Future Part II, and then going on as normal. This time around, I won't feel like crap about my commentary...and I use noise reduction on the commentary side of things, which I didn't know about initially. I think I might make the original versions of these two LPs public again at one point, but for now I'm just concentrating on covering games and making LPs out of them at this point.